Wolf Ranges Make Gourmet Cooking Simple

Have you ever watched a cooking show and thought “Wow, if I only I had access to the stuff these guys had, I could whip up some amazing food.”  Not only do the pros have the vision to create unique dishes beyond our imagination, but in competitions, can do so under the clock and still impress haughty judges.  We may not be able to do anything about stocking your pantry, but with Wolf ranges, you can enjoy the professional cooking performance renowned by cooks the world over.

Built a scant 400 miles from Warners’ Stellian in Madison, WI, Wolf has an unrivaled reputation in the industry for performance and reliability.  With more than 70 years in the commercial cooking industry, Wolf knows what professional chefs want, and have designed cooking appliances designed to bring out cooking ability you never knew you had!

Wolf gas ranges feature burners that reach 16,000 BTUs of heat for quick searing and rapid boiling.  Just as important however, each burner can reach a low 500 BTU output, applying tender heat to even the most delicate hollandaise.  The infrared broiler reaches temperatures higher than most outdoor grills for succulent meat preparation, while stylish stainless steel construction and red knobs bring a touch of commercial performance to your kitchen design. 

In addition, Wolf dual fuel ranges set the standard for epicurean luxury and design!  The fully sealed surface prevents cooking byproducts from staining the stoves internal mechanics, providing easy cleanup.  Dual convection fans push and pull against each other, delivering unmatched performance.  Hydraulic oven door hinges ensure soft opening and closing while pre-installed door glides makes turkey basting a breeze.

No matter your kitchen size, Wolf offers a range to fit!  The Wolf DF304 and R304 capably replace nearly any existing 30” gas range, while 36” and 48” models introduce options for integrated infrared grills, griddles, French tops, and auxiliary ovens.  With Wolf Appliances and Warners’ Stellian, preparing gourmet meals has never been simpler!

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