Viking Ranges Cure Your Culinary Woes

Hailing from Minnesota, most Warners’ Stellian customers associate Viking with purple and gold professional football. However, for those who prefer pulled pork to pigskin, Viking ranges have delivered powerful performance and an unparalleled palette of custom colors for many years.

Founded in Mississippi and rich in the tradition of southern cooking, Viking engineers know what it takes to deliver fine cuisine. The brand new Viking VDSC530-4BSS dual fuel range perhaps best demonstrates Viking’s command of performance and style.

Have you been frustrated in the past by gas burners that were more tortoise than hare in bringing water to boil? Four 15,000 BTU burners ensure that the only thing faster than your cooking is the speed with which your family devours it! Not only capable of delivering intensive power, Viking’s exclusive VariSimmer design reaches temperatures capable of melting chocolate chips on a paper plate without burning or scorching for hours on end!

But the top’s only half of the story! Have you ever used an oven so inaccurate you’re reluctant to entrust frozen tater tots to its care, much less family dinner? Viking’s Vari-Speed Dual Flow convection system employs an industry largest 8 ½” fan for maximum airflow and excellent cooking results. The glass enclosed infrared broiler delivers the quickest heating and most potent searing of any dual fuel range on the market.

What about the time you worked with your kitchen designer and lamented the fact that while stainless steel looked nice, it just wasn’t your thing? Viking’s custom color options allow you endless options to add flair and pizzazz to your kitchen design. Burgundy, lemonade, taupe, pumpkin, racing red, iridescent blue, and golden mist are just a sampling of the beautiful colors a Viking range can add to your kitchen.

Looking to do more than remedy the culinary ills of a range whose best days are long gone? Viking offers a complete matching line of refrigerators, dishwashers, ventilation, to maximize form and function in any kitchen remodel or renovation. With up to $1,500 in savings through July 31st, the time is now to experience cooking luxury with Viking appliances and Warners’ Stellian!

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