Green Kitchens from Warners Stellian and Minnesota GreenStar

For an industry whose products are primarily sold in white, black, and stainless steel, the color everybody’s talking about is green. Green means different things to different people. For many, green is the color of the money we’re looking to save in turbulent times. For others, green represents the luck we need to hope our old refrigerator makes it one more week until we can get out and shop for a new one.

But perhaps most importantly, the color green represents a social movement towards the conservation of our natural resources and preservation of our environment. Living green involves a commitment, both big and small, towards responsible living which lessens our impact on our ecosystem by reducing pollution, recycling reusable materials, and minimizing waste of non-renewable resources.

Warners’ Stellian is proud to be an official supporter of Minnesota Greenstar. Minnesota Greenstar is a Green building and standard and certification program for both new and existing homes. Seeking to promote the five core values of Green building – energy efficiency, resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, water conservation, and community – Minnesota Greenstar ensures both environmental quality and integrity of Minnesota building projects.

MN Greenstar can help consumers, homebuilders, and remodelers identify and implement measures that reduce material usage and increase the efficiency of their construction project. Minnesota Public Radio chronicled one homeowner’s partnership with MN Greenstar during remodeling, while the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a feature highlighting their certification standard for builders and remodelers.

How has Warners’ Stellian taken steps to become a Green retailer? Through a partnership with Waste Management, Warners’ Stellian has pledged to recycle 75% of generated waste, including 10 tons of Styrofoam and 20 tons of cardboard per month! In addition, Warners’ Stellian is the Midwest’s exclusive distributor of Liebherr refrigerators, Europe’s most well known premium refrigerator and one of the world’s most environmentally conscious manufacturers.

As you visit home shows, devour kitchen design articles, and plan the colors and architecture of your dream kitchen to be, consider the benefits of seeing the world through Green tinted glasses. Warners’ Stellian and MN Greenstar can help ensure that not only will your new home and kitchen be an expression of your personal lifestyle, but will make sure that our earth’s precious resources are available for our children, their children, and generations to come.

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