In 1954, Jim Warner took a bookkeeping job at Stellian’s appliance store on Snelling Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota, owned by Steve and Lillian Farkas (Stellian is the combination of their first names).

After many years as a valued employee, Jim bought the business in 1971 and added his name to theirs, also making it plural to include his wife and children. He established a solid foundation for success by offering the best products available and making sure every customer received exceptional service from sale to delivery.

Those values were passed on to his nine children who now own the company. Several members of the Warner family actively operate the company, and over a dozen third-generation Warner family members also work full-time for the company in sales, operations and corporate functions.


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  1. I have old Thermador appliances 20+ years old -(double oven and gas cooktop).
    Over the Xmas holiday the lower oven wouldn’t heat. 2 of the burners on the cooktop are not working Seems to me it’s time to replace rather than repair. That would also mean the dishwasher because I would want all stainless steel. I have a subzero that again is old but has had the compressors replaced. I know I can get stainless panels for the front. Does Warner Stellian come out and do a measure for a large purchase?
    Thanks Kim
    I am in Mendota Heights

    • Hi Kim,

      Sorry I’m late getting back to you — and sorry about the demise of your oven and cooktop, though it does seem like you got the full life out of them.

      I would certainly replace at this point. I’m not a servicer by any means, but I’m guessing that 20-year-old parts — especially Thermador — would be tough to track down.

      We could send a crew to measure for about $75. E-mail me at jawarner@warnersstellian.com if you’re interested!

      Thanks for commenting,

  2. Hi Julie,
    I found your site through Flickr where I noticed your photos of vintage Maytags, particularly wringer washers. I’m an author looking for photos to use in a video for my next book and I’d like to get your permission to use your photos. Please contact me.


  4. What does Stellian mean? And since your name is Warner, shouldn’t it be Warner’s Stellian for proper syntax?

  5. Hi Rob,

    Excellent question — and one we love to answer! Jim Warner began working for Stellian Appliance in 1954. The owners of Stellian, Steve & Lillian Farkas, combined their first names to title their business. Jim Warner bought the business in 1971 and added his family’s name to it. He specifically chose to include the plural possessive form of his surname, because it was a business that would be for his entire family, not just one Warner. Today, Jim’s nine children own the business and about 15 of his 37 grandchildren are already employed here full time (including myself).

    Thanks for your interest! Julie Warner

  6. We bought a cooktop stove from your shakopee store about a month ago and had some concerns about the molding under the cooktop. Does not look right. We have contacted the store a number of times and sent pictures to customer service. They have yet to contact us or send someone out to look at it. New customer at warners and probably the last. We have 2 others homes that need complete kitchen packages and we will be looking elsewhere. Poor customer service. We live 2 miles from the store. If you pride your stores on customer service, it sure does not show.

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