Fisher & Paykel Top Load Laundry Delivers Efficiency and Ease

For all the blessings of front load laundry, quite rarely does a customer’s reasoning for purchasing one include the desire to bend over when removing laundry. In fact, studies have repeatedly shown that all other things equal, consumers would rather load laundry from the top. But don’t you have to buy front loaders if you want something that’s energy efficient and cleans great?

Not according to Fisher & Paykel, the New Zealand based manufacturer who has specialized in high efficiency top load laundry for over twenty years. With a manufacturing philosophy built around delivering reliable appliances to isolated sheep farmers, Fisher & Paykel laundry has one of the most innovatively engineered designs with less moving parts and components than anyone in the industry!

The Fisher & Paykel WL37T26DW2 high efficiency top loader employs Aquasmart technology which measures the weight of your load and measures water accordingly. Sudsy water sprays from the top of the wash tub which gravity then pulls through the fibers of your clothes, forcing dirt and grime out. This cleaning system replicates both the efficiency and mechanics of washing employed by most front loaders!

Not content with setting the standard for high efficiency top loaders, Fisher & Paykel introduced the world to the top loading dryer! The Fisher & Paykel top load dryer DG62TD1 (also available in electric) allows users to easily and ergonomically transfer clothes from washer to dryer with minimal bending. The self cleaning lint filter collects lint into a hopper which you remove and empty approximately every twenty loads.

Besides easing the backache that comes from loading front load laundry, high efficiency top load washers and dryers remedy the inconvenience resulting from facilities which require installing a left hinged front load washer to the right of a dryer. Without protruding doors, top load high efficiency laundry works well in tight spaces such as closets.

Even if your old washer is operating fine, switching to Fisher & Paykel high efficiency laundry can cut related energy costs more than third and water usage by more than half! That translates to less pollution and impact on  our environment, and just as importantly, $145 in utility savings each year! Check out what Fisher & Paykel laundry and Warners’ Stellian can do for you today!

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