Vent-A-Hood Hoods Get the Grease Gone

So you just prepared and served your famous teriyaki salmon to a host of friends and acquaintances. It was the perfect dinner party. The marinade took a whole day to prepare but attained that elusive, perfect taste. Your agonizing moments deciding on which bottle of wine to serve were vindicated by your guests’ compliments on its unique taste and heady aroma. There’s just one problem. The party was three days ago and your kitchen still smells like a fish factory.

Kitchen Ventilation

Ventilation may not have the dazzle and the pizzazz of a new professional range or built-in refrigerator. Without it though, even the most gorgeous of kitchens can be saturated with unwelcome odors and stubborn grease. When it comes to quality of ventilation and pedigree of performance, few manufacturers boast Vent-A-Hood’s esteemed track record.

With origins in Texas dating back to 1937, Vent-A-Hood has risen from the trenches of door-to-door sales to become one of the largest hood manufacturers in the world today. The Vent-A-Hood story begins with its industry exclusive centrifugal blower, which delivers unmatched ventilation performance, cleaning, quiet, and safety.

Most manufacturers employ either a mesh or baffle filter to trap particles. While effective, these filters inhibit airflow, compromising performance, and requiring cleaning and replacement. The Vent-A-Hood blower uses centrifugal force to separate grease from the air and deposit it into a simple to remove housing. This housing can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Because air does not met resistance against mesh filtration, it passes unencumbered through the ductwork. When combined with the largest amount of capture area in the industry, Vent-A-Hood ventilation performance is up to 50% more effective than comparable models. Vent-A-Hood’s design also results in quiet operation and insulates your chimney from combustible grease.

Vent-A-Hood boasts one of the largest selections in the industry. Is your hood mounted underneath a cabinet? The PRH9136SS or the SLH6K130SS will fit the bill! What if you were planning a decorative chimney hood? The PDH14136SS Eurostyle chimney hood maximizes both form and function. What about custom wood, tile, or plaster hoods? Vent-A-Hood liners, such as the BH128SLDGS, have been renowned as one of the most versatile and easy to install liners in the industry.

Vent-A-Hood Options

With manufacturing that can be tailored to your needs, Vent-A-Hood is able to design a hood to complement and kitchen décor. Vent-A-Hood hoods are available in stainless steel, brass, copper, or any custom RAL color. Warming lamps, pot rails, and riveted bands are just a sampling of the accents that can be added to any Vent-A-Hood piece. If you’re searching for that finishing touch that combines an unmatched combination of form, finish, and function, look no further than Warners’ Stellian’s collection of Vent-A-Hood range hoods.

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