Swap and Save with Energy Star Refrigerators

No leaving the table until you’ve finished everything on your plate! Or so our mothers used to tell us. These parental edicts, usually in reference to broccoli and other unpleasant sprouts, were designed to teach us important lessons about conservation and not wasting what we have.

Now that you’ve got your new countertops, cabinets, and appliances in, your kitchen remodel is complete. But rather than have Warners’ Stellian haul away your old refrigerator, you have us move it to the basement or garage. And why not? It still works, and provides plenty of capable cooling for soda, beer, popsicles, and all of those other treats that occupy a little too much space in our kitchen refrigerators.

Energy Star Refrigerators

But did you know that today’s Energy Star refrigerators are up to 40% more efficient than models sold in just 2001? The electricity saved by replacing a refrigerator built in 1990 with an Energy Star refrigerator can light the average household for four months! Modern refrigerators have thicker, more effective insulation for retaining temperature, while more energy efficient compressors ensure minimal electric consumption.

What does it all mean? Better energy efficiency also puts money back in your pockets! Based on average national rates, an 18 cubic foot Energy Star refrigerator uses $179 less per year than a comparably sized model built prior to 1980, and $130 less per year than models built prior to 1990. Not only that, better energy efficiency means less pollution and cleaner water.

So rather than move that old, inefficient refrigerator into the basement, consider a new Energy Star refrigerator instead.

Shop Energy Star refrigerators today at Warners’ Stellian.

2 thoughts on “Swap and Save with Energy Star Refrigerators

  1. I still think companies like the expensive Electrolux will still have a hard time getting people to spend that much during this recession (with or without a rebate). How long would this rebate apparently take? I can imagine it being a long process to get your rebate. I think it’s also a good idea to offer the rebate when you buy Energy Star products and not have to bring your “clunker” in. On the other hand I stil think if you had to turn your “clunker” in, then the company would know how to properly dispose of the old appliances or recycle them. I like this idea, I just wonder if I apply (we just bought Energy star refrigerator and washer and dryer).

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