Weber Performer Charcoal Grill – Unmatched Legacy and Performance

For decades, the name Weber has been synonymous with outdoor cooking. It all started in 1952 when sheet metal worker George Stephen, frustrated with the wildly inconsistent cooking suffered by barbecue grills of his time, decided to take  matters into his own hands. As part owner of the Weber Brothers Metal Works factory in Chicago, Stephen retrieved one of the metal buoys from Lake Michigan, had it cut it in half, and filled it with charcoal. Thus was borne the famed Weber charcoal cooker.

Weber Charcoal Grill

The Weber charcoal grill has evolved substantially along its journey towards its now legendary status. Today, the Weber Performer charcoal grill represents the pinnacle of the Weber charcoal grilling experience. A 22 ½” lid ensconces 363” square inches of smoky cooking area. By rotating the aluminum vent, the user is able to regulate interior airflow and temperature for any cooking application, be it a quick sear or slow indirect heating.

Gone are the days of dousing your briquettes with copious amounts of lighter fluid and checking to see if you have any eyebrows left after ignition. The Weber Performer charcoal grill accepts small 14 or 16 ounce LP cylinders. With the push of a button, the Touch-N-Go ignition system injects a small amount of propane and ignites it with a small spark. This quick and easy design leaves your lighter fluid’s pungent aroma in the garage where it belongs and out of your dinner.

The Weber Performer charcoal grill has more features than ever to make your grilling experience convenient. The factory assembled One-Touch stainless steel cleaning system makes clearing ash and residue out easier than ever.  The CharBin storage container keeps up to 20 pounds of charcoal hidden and dry, and the exterior thermostat ensures your grill is at the proper temperature whatever your needs.

Grill Accessories

Not only that, you have your choice of black, dark blue, and green to complement your outdoor décor. Weber offers a variety of accessories to complete your grilling experience, including an all weather vinyl cover, brass brush for cleaning, digital thermometer, and three piece tool set. Whether you’re looking to update that old rusted out Smokey Joe, or add the ideal accompaniment to your Weber gas grill, the Weber Performer charcoal grill is the perfect choice!

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