New Upright Vacuum Cleaners from Miele

Vacuuming the house. Not a chore most of us look forward to, but someone’s got to do it, right? Few things are as frustrating as lugging that clunky beast out of the closet giving up all hopes of communicating with anyone over its noisy motor, and making repeated passes to pick up that one stubborn rice kernel that just won’t dislodge from the carpet.

But here’s the good news – vacuuming as you know it can now be a thing of the past. Enjoy a whole new set of easy-to-use features from Miele’s brand new S7 Upright Series. Built and headquartered in Germany, Miele has raised the bar for vacuuming performance with the release of its Tango, Bolero, Salsa, Calypso and Jazz models.

Miele Vacuum Features

 If you’re tired of moving every fixture in your living room to locate the best outlet for a short cord?  Search no longer. Miele S7 vacuum cleaners offer a 39-foot cord allowing you to vacuum multiple rooms at one time without outlet hopping!

Annoyed with special attachments  for vacuuming underneath beds and difficult corners? Miele’s got you covered with a patented Swivelneck design and industry-leading maneuverability.

What about old upright vacuums that throw as much dirt back into they air as they take in?  For 80 years, Miele’s sealed system retains almost all pollutants and dust, preserving the indoor air quality of your home, and keeping everybody from coughing when you fire up that vacuum.

If you’re ready for something new – check out Miele’s S7 Upright Vacuum Cleaners and enjoy free nationwide shipping on your vacuum cleaner purchase.

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