Wake Up To On-Demand Coffee from Miele

For many of us, myself included, coffee has become a necessary component of our morning rituals. Some of us enjoy the rich, heady aroma of a French Vanilla brew. Others enjoy the sweet taste of a caramel latte with a light whipped cream topping. For most of us, the battle to keep our eyes open for a productive day’s work would be impossible without coffee. 

It’s not uncommon for many of us to plunk down three to five dollars every morning at the local barista in exchange for a custom mocha we can’t get anywhere else. Well, thanks to Miele and their collection of built-in and freestanding coffee systems,  you too can enjoy the tastes and aroma of your local coffee shop in the comfort of your own home.

Unlike the traditional coffee makers that percolate into a pot on your counter (cooling and becoming stale throughout the afternoon), Miele coffee systems are built  to deliver the highest quality on demand with the push of a button. Depending on the model and your tastes, Miele coffee makers utilize the espresso brewing process in combination with pre-made grounds, individual beans, or Nespresso pods to deliver a rich cup of coffee. One with crema and taste that until now, was reserved exclusively for coffee shops and drive-thru windows.

Each brew uses just enough coffee for your cup. The internal conical grinder, which can be bypassed if preferred, grinds your beans to  your personal level of volume and coarseness. This allows you to customize both the strength and intensity of each cup of coffee to your individual taste! Miele’s unique and convenient frothing wand is able to steam milk to that perfect texture, transforming your simple cup of coffee into an exquisite latte.

 For multiple users, the dual spout is able to brew two cups simultaneously. Enabling party mode keeps a fresh cup on tap for thirsty guests when entertaining. And for those few stragglers in the home who don’t drink coffee, Miele’s hot water dispenser is able to deliver the finest quality of teas and hot chocolates on demand.

Not only that, Miele coffee makers can rest on your counter, or mount into a cabinet. For the ultimate in convenience, the plumbed model can be connected to a waterline – eliminating the need for replenishing the water supply. If your kitchen needs a jolt of caffeine to jump start its morning, Miele coffee systems, are a great place to start!

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