Spotlight Series: Meet Sales Associate Lauren Buonincontro

At Warners’ Stellian, one of our core values is family, and each new employee becomes a member of our family. In our Spotlight Series, we plan to share a deeper look into the talent that contributes to our success each day. This week, let’s meet Sales Associate Lauren Buonincontro.

Warners' Stellian Sales Associate Lauren Buonincontro

What does a typical day at Warners’ Stellian look like for you?

Every day brings new challenges, and I am always up for conquering them and learning something new. Working at Warners’ Stellian is never boring, but that is what I love!

Before going appliance shopping, what should customers know?

Dimensions are key! Measuring correctly saves a lot of headache and money in the long run. Luckily, we have measuring guides for customers to use. Or we offer a premeasuring service for $75. Customers should also know whether they need gas or electric appliances.

Can you offer advice for people considering a career in sales?

It is a very rewarding career, especially if you enjoy helping others. At Warners’ Stellian, your main job is helping customer find solutions to their appliance needs.

What sets Warners’ Stellian apart from other appliance retailers?

What sets us apart is our knowledge, service and the fact that we are all under one corporate office. Our full customer service department gives us access to the resources and people we need to resolve issues quickly when things don’t go as planned.

You work at our Woodbury location. What’s your favorite thing to do in town?

Go shopping at Nordstrom Rack!

What is your favorite season?

I enjoy summer, because I get to spend time with my family on the lake. It goes by way too fast!

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