Smart Appliances Are the Future

Thanks to the internet of things, homes are smarter than ever. With voice controls or the swipe of a finger, homeowners close garages, dim lights and adjust thermostats. Appliance manufacturers continue to take note, adding smart appliance features that simplify cooking, cleaning and more. Find out what smart appliances can do for you.

Smart Appliances – Refrigerator

The kitchen serves as the heart of the home, which is the idea behind Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator. Talk to this smart refrigerator from anywhere in your kitchen by asking Bixby what the weather forecast is during a busy breakfast or having her turn on Pandora jams while you cook dinner.

In addition to convenience, the Samsung Family Hub helps with food management. Create shopping lists on the 21.5-inch WiFi-enabled touchscreen. Three built-in cameras allow you to view your fridge contents while at the grocery store. You can even buy the groceries right from the refrigerator!

Next thing you know your fridge will be pouring coffee on demand… OH WAIT!

Smart Appliances – Built-in Coffee Maker

man with coffee using Home Connect on Thermador buillt-in coffee machine

The Thermador 24-inch built-in coffee machine with Home Connect allows you to preprogram up to eight personalized beverages with names so everyone’s favorite drink is just a button push away. And cleanup has never been easier. Using hot water and steam, the machine features a fully automatic rinse program at turn-on and turn-off, so your coffee machine is always ready for the next fresh-tasting pour.

Smart Appliances – Cooking

person using Whirlpool Scan-to-Cook app with connected oven

How many times have you wished you could turn on autopilot after a long day? Whirlpool can get you halfway there. Their Scan-to-Cook technology allows you to scan the bar code of your favorite frozen meal (we’re thinking pizza rolls) into the Whirlpool app – and ta-da! – the Scan-to-Cook compatible cooking device (microwave or oven) is ready to make the perfect batch of pizza rolls with the instructions sent right from your smartphone.

Smart Appliances – Laundry Room

woman with laundry basket in laundry room with LG washer and dryer

Monitor laundry on the go with the LG SmartThinQ® app. Select a cycle, start or stop the load and get notifications on the load’s status all from your smartphone. In addition, the appliances can be synced with voice assistants, so Alexa can do your laundry (kind of… she doesn’t fold). Get your smart washer and dryer today at Warners’ Stellian.

This listing only scratches the surface of smart home appliances. As the industry continues to evolve with rapid technology changes, the only question is “What will they think of next?”

Want to know how else your appliances can simplify your life? Talk to the appliance specialists at Warners’ Stellian.

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