LG Appliances Bring May Savings

Seven years ago, your average American didn’t know LG from algae. One of Europe and Asia’s largest appliance manufacturers, LG Appliances quietly entered the American market place almost seven years ago with a basic top freezer and front load washer. Fast forward to today, and LG Appliances have become one of the best selling and most innovative line of household kitchen appliances in America.

The hallmark of LG Appliances is their impressive line of French door refrigerators. Featuring split doors opening from the center with pullout drawers for accessing the bottom freezer, LG offers more sizes, colors, and configurations than any manufacturer in the industry. LG French door refrigerators can be ordered in cabinet depth, with ice and water dispensers, multiple pullout freezer drawers, even small sizes!

Ever been frustrated at an electric range that didn’t simmer well but it was impossible to run gas into the kitchen? LG electric ranges feature digital burner control. In addition to providing a backguard that’s easy to clean without the crevices of traditional knobs, digital controls allow you to set extremely low temperatures for simmering delicate sauces. Large 5.3 cubic feet ovens feature hidden baking elements for easy clean up and convection fans that ensure consistent baking results.

Planning to spend thousands on a dishwasher for quiet operation? LG dishwashers bring silent operation to the kitchen at affordable prices! The largest capacity racks in the industry capably accommodate even the largest families after dinner cleanup. Attractive, fully integrated design keep the controls hidden out of view and bring a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen design.

Warners’ Stellian was the first Midwest retailer to handle LG Appliances, and are proud to announce exclusive savings during the month of May on select LG products. Whether feature, performance, price, innovation, or energy efficiency is most important you, no matter what appliance you may be in the market for, look to Warners’ Stellian and LG Appliances for a quality choice!

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