Reverse Osmosis for a Better, Healthier You

Reverse osmosis. It’s a funny combination of words. What does it mean? For most of us, the concept of a selectively permeable membrane operating within an aqueous solution just doesn’t come up much amidst of hustle of bustle of shuttling the kids to soccer practice and meeting work deadlines. But for those in the know, a reverse osmosis system is capable of delivering the purest and safest drinking water known to man.

To escape the ills of tap water, many of us have turned to bottled water. But did you know that according to a study done by the National Resources Defense Council, most bottled water contains organics and contaminants similar to what’s found in household tap water. In addition, bottled water creates nearly 40 million empty plastic bottles per day!

The best method of water purification is reverse osmosis, and one of the best choices in the industry is the Water Doctors WSPT4000. Unlike a traditional carbon water filter which simply removes taste and odors, reverse osmosis water is nearly entirely free of organics and contaminants, including sodium, lead, arsenic, chlorides, alkalines, viruses, bacteria, pesticides, radon, and more.

What else makes the Water Doctors system different? Four stage membranous filtration removes over 99% of contaminants compared to the 90% average removed by competitors. In addition, most reverse osmosis units must be cleaned and sanitized by a qualified professional annually. Water Doctors sealed system allows the owner to swap out filters with a simple twist for ease and convenience!

A reverse osmosis system typically uses its own water as backwash for cleaning. The Water Doctors reverse osmosis system uses four times less water than the industry average for high efficiency results! The sizable fifty gallon tank also ensures that pure water is available on demand at all times.

As if that wasn’t enough, the $699 price includes a shiny chrome faucet, and for our Twin Cities metro customers, free standard installation!  Treat yourself to the refreshing qualities and health benefits of reverse osmosis water,and free yourself from the trappings of the plastic bottle.  Stop into one of the seven Warners’ Stellian showrooms and taste the difference of pure water from Water Doctors reverse osmosis!

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