Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

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While the laundry room isn’t the most glamorous space in the house, it needs to be functional. So if you are short on square footage, maximize space with these laundry room storage solutions.

Wall Storage Works

For laundry rooms restricted by space, look to the walls as a source of storage. This can include wire racks for housing detergent and small hooks for light items that need to air dry. Hanging a drying rack from the ceiling provides a spot for delicate items that shouldn’t be tossed in the dryer. If there’s enough space, repurpose a bookshelf for additional storage. Installing open shelving on the wall utilizes vertical storage space. Peg boards can also be helpful for expanding storage areas.

Consider Curtains

If your washer and dryer are housed in your bathroom, use a curtain to conceal the space from guests. Curtains in vibrant patterns or bold colors can also add interest to the room. While curtains won’t mask the machines’ sounds, the appliances will be less visible than they would otherwise be.

Install Pedestal Drawers

Many washer and dryer models have accompanying pedestal drawers that are designed to fit directly underneath the appliance. Not only does this raise the appliances’ height for user comfort, but it provides an ideal spot for detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Don’t Forget the Door

One often neglected area in a laundry room is the back side of the door. Attaching a closet organizer to it allows for storage that would not otherwise be available. Or use hooks to affix your ironing board to the back of the door. Shallow shelves can also be mounted on the wall behind the laundry room door to allow for additional organizational space.

Stack Your Washer and Dryer

Compact Beko Washer and Dryer in Small Laundry Room
Beko washer and dryer

When square footage is minimal, a stackable washer and dryer can be the perfect solution because they take up vertical space. Another perk of this configuration is that there’s less bending over to retrieve laundry. Beko machines stacked with their universal stacking kit reduce laundry machine footprint to a 2-by-2 square foot area.

Counter Conquers All

Installing a countertop that rests above the washer and dryer creates the perfect spot to fold and sort laundry. Quartz countertops are ideal because they are easy to clean, resist scratching and do not need to be resealed. If quartz isn’t in your budget, butcher block countertops work well because they are resistant to heat, lauded for their durability and come in an array of eye-catching patterns.

What space-saving laundry room tips do you have? Share them in the comments!

Dad Jokes About Appliances

In honor of Father’s Day, we are sharing some of our favorite bad dad jokes related to appliances. Practice your best groan and eye roll, then read on for some laughs.

What happened to the dalmatian that fell into the washer?

He came out spotless!

What did one sock say to the other while in the dryer?

I’ll see you next time around!

Meme that says "I thought my the dryer was shrinking my clothes... turns out it was the refrigerator all along."

How much fun is doing your laundry?


I’ve decided to sell my vacuum cleaner. It just collects dust.

Why did the boy close his eyes before opening the refrigerator?

He didn’t want to see the salad dressing!

Is your refrigerator running?

You better go catch it!

laundry picture with washer, dryer, and "folder" machine

And on a less funny and much more urgent note, do you still need to find a gift? Check out Warners’ Stellian for grills and grilling accessories. Hurry in and thank us later!

Tell us your best appliance jokes in the comment section below.

Show Your Appliances Some Love this Valentine’s Day

Rekindle your appliance spark this Valentine’s Day by giving your appliances some extra TLC. The following appliance cleaning and maintenance tips will ready your appliances to cook a romantic dinner and handle the cleanup too.

Couple cooking dinner together in kitchen with black Frigidaire appliances

Refrigerator, thank you for keeping things fresh.

To show your appreciation, we recommend checking the seal and cleaning the coils. If you have an ice maker and water dispenser, consider the last time you changed the filter. Follow your manufacturer guidelines for frequency, but generally it’s twice a year. Learn how to change a refrigerator water filter here.

Dishwasher, thank you for cleaning up my messes.

It might be time to clean your dishwasher in return. To do so, clean out your filters and scrub the spray arm nozzles (a toothbrush comes in handy here) to loosen any food residue or buildup. Then, it’s time for the magic cleaner of all things – vinegar! Fill a cup of vinegar, place it on the top rack and run the dishwasher as normal.

Washer and dryer, thank you for not judging my pizza stains.

The trusted washer, a machine that keeps your world spinning. But in order to clean your clothes, you need a clean machine. We sell cleaning wipes for the washing machine exterior and Affresh tablets for cleaning the drum.

Use Affresh wipes for the exterior of the dryer while you’re at it. And don’t forget to check your dryer vent.

Range, thanks for keeping the flame alive.

Whether it be porcelain, ceramic or glass, learn how to clean your stovetop here.  And don’t forget those cast iron grates! Next, move on to cleaning the oven. Remove your racks first if you’re using a self-clean function.

Microwave, thanks for the lazy night(s) in.

For funky smells in the microwave, mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar with 1/2 cup water and heat in a microwave-safe bowl for five minutes on high. Wait 15 minutes before opening the microwave. The steam will loosen dried on foods, so you can easily wipe them away.

Showing your appliances some love makes them work more efficiently and last longer. Basically, you and your appliances are a perfect match. Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are your best appliance maintenance/cleaning tips? Share them in the comments section below!

Furnace Troubleshooting Guide

Furnace on the fritz? While we prefer to leave real repairs to the experts, the following quick fixes may help troubleshoot simple problems. And we’re not done with our furnaces yet! Punxsutawney Phil, Groundhog Day’s biggest celebrity, may have predicted an early spring, but winter is still roaring, so your furnace should be too. Try these quick fixes first, then call your locally-trusted HVAC specialists at Warners’ Stellian.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Have you ever run a marathon with a cold? That’s what it’s like when you leave your furnace with a dirty filter. Dirty or clogged filters reduce airflow and make your furnace work harder than it should. Additionally, a clogged filter could be the reason your furnace is cycling on and off.

Check Your Fan Setting

Turn your fan setting to Auto. If in the On mode, the fan will continuously run, improperly heating/cooling your space.

Inspect the Vent Pipe

In extreme cold (think recent polar vortex, brrr) the vent pipe can clog with ice. If the vent pipe is clogged, your furnace may not be getting enough airflow to function. Head outside to carefully break the ice off the pipe and clear the surrounding snow to ensure proper airflow.

house with snow

Examine Your Draft (not the fantasy sports kind)

A faulty ignition or pilot makes it difficult to heat your home. Something as simple as a draft could cause a pilot light to extinguish. Shut doors and windows and give the gas time to dissipate before relighting.

Check Your Thermostat

If it seems like your furnace isn’t producing any heat, check the battery level in the thermostat. In some models, simply replacing the battery may do the trick.

Hire for Maintenance

Much like a car, your furnace requires annual maintenance and a tuneup to ensure all the moving parts are in tiptop shape. While this isn’t a quick fix, it allows these quick fixes to be possible instead of a costly major repair or replacement. Turn to Warners’ Stellian for an inspection and tuneup (or for a furnace if you’re past the point of no return).  

Save money and energy by scheduling an inspection and tuneup with Warners’ Stellian today!

Tips for Getting Rid of Dust Mites Naturally

You’ve heard of dust bunnies, which spoiler alert, aren’t actually cute cotton-tailed creatures hopping through your home. But did you know dust mites, which live in nearly all homes, are actual creepy-crawly bugs? It’s true; dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed on dead skin cells and cause watery eyes, stuffy noses, coughing and a whole host of other allergy issues. They are the most common household allergen, and your bedroom is the most hospitable place in the house for them to live.

Creeped out? We are too, which is why we are offering tips for reducing the amount of dust mites in your home.

Tidy Up to Eliminate Dust Mites

Dust with a damp cloth, starting at the highest surface in the room and working your way down. Then, to capture all the dust that made its way to the floor, invest in a quality vacuum that uses a HEPA filter and a sealed vacuum system. Miele vacuums are known for setting the standard worldwide. According to tests, Miele’s proprietary cleaning system captures more than 99.99 percent of harmful pollutants, which is an average of 21 times more than other popular HEPA filtered bag-free machines. You can count on a Miele vacuum to capture dust mites rather than releasing them back into the air.

Throw your bedsheets, pillow cases, curtains and drapes in the washer weekly on a hot setting (between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit) to kill dust mites. Use a similar heat setting in the dryer to eliminate any lingering dust mites after the wash cycle.

cat in white bed

Dust mites like to feed on pet dander. Vacuum and clean any pet beds regularly.

Consider keeping Fido and Fluffy out of the bedroom if you have severe dust mite allergies.

Dust Mite Deterrents

Fabric fibers are a dust mite’s best friend. Opt for hard-surface blinds rather than curtains and draperies. If you prefer the soft look of curtains, wash them regularly in hot water.

Consider using dust-proof mattress and pillow covers, which you can find at any mattress or home store. And in news that will make all teenagers (and let’s face it, adults) happy, don’t make your bed in the morning! Instead, leave the blankets and sheets open to air out the bed and reduce the humidity left behind after a good night’s rest.

Freeze Out Dust Mites

The freezer method works well for throw pillows and stuffed animals.

stuffed reindeer toy on chair
Stuffed animals are a common place for dust mites to thrive.

Just place the items in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer overnight. The cold environment kills the dust mites.

Air Control to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Dust mites’ ideal living quarters are 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and fairly humid. Keep your thermostat set no higher than 70 to show the dust mites they aren’t welcome. As a bonus, you will save on heating bills! Use a dehumidifier to keep your home humidity levels at 50 percent or lower, especially in the bedroom.

According to the EPA, Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, which is why reducing allergens is crucial. Breathe easier with the tips above.