Dad Jokes About Appliances

In honor of Father’s Day, we are sharing some of our favorite bad dad jokes related to appliances. Practice your best groan and eye roll, then read on for some laughs.

What happened to the dalmatian that fell into the washer?

He came out spotless!

What did one sock say to the other while in the dryer?

I’ll see you next time around!

Meme that says "I thought my the dryer was shrinking my clothes... turns out it was the refrigerator all along."

How much fun is doing your laundry?


I’ve decided to sell my vacuum cleaner. It just collects dust.

Why did the boy close his eyes before opening the refrigerator?

He didn’t want to see the salad dressing!

Is your refrigerator running?

You better go catch it!

laundry picture with washer, dryer, and "folder" machine

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Tell us your best appliance jokes in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Dad Jokes About Appliances

  1. Why is the letter “B” very cool?
    Because it’s sitting in the AC…

    1. Hah! Love it. & very seasonally appropriate.

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