Where does all that Styrofoam go?

Appliances ship from the manufacturer protected by Styrofoam and cardboard, at the very least.

The appliances go to your house, of course, but have you thought about where all the packaging goes?

Refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, washers and dryers, etc. all come with literally tons of packaging.

And much of that is Styrofoam, which is certainly not biodegradable.

Ask other stores where they send their packaging, and they’ll point you to the landfill — a big chunk of it, too.

We proudly can say we’ve figured out a way to remove Styrofoam from the waste stream, as we previously did with replaced appliances, cardboard, plastic wrap and banding.

How? Our new densifier. You have to see this machine to really get it. It compacts Styrofoam by a 20:1 ratio, so it can be shipped off for reuse instead of refuse.

>>Find out more about Warners’ Stellian’s commitment to sustainability

4 thoughts on “Where does all that Styrofoam go?

  1. That’s GREAT. We recycle all the plastic, paper & cardboard packaging from our cabinet installations, but have been trying to figure out how to tackle the whole styrofoam puzzle. Styrofoam in our installations is less than 10%, but it would still be nice to have a way to recycle that, too.

    Way to go!

  2. We’re trying. It’s worth asking around. Is that what it’s called? A densifier? Sounds like something i’d call my English Lit class in High School.

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