What’s your favorite finish? White, black or stainless steel?

I really like the contrast of the white appliances against the black cabinets here. And it surprises, because we now expect stainless steel. Image courtesy theletteredcottage.net

Appliances historically have been white, but how do you feel about colors like black or alternative finishes like stainless steel?

Tradition makes white classic, but it also makes anything different stand out all the more in a kitchen.

Trendy right now are stainless steel appliances, which followed the popularity of commercial-style ranges and cooking appliances that were always made of stainless steel. Their clean modern looks makes it hard to argue against their popularity.


But stainless steel appliances usually cost more, and in some cases a great deal more (though right now through Aug. 1, GE is offering a free upgrade to stainless steel from white and black).

I think when I replace my appliances, I’ll probably choose stainless steel because my sense tells me it will add to the resale value of my home, which I don’t plan to live in for more than seven years.

Plus, it’s hard to match commercial cooking products to colored finishes, leaving me to lean toward the even more expensive integrated (or paneled) looks.

What do you have now: black, white or stainless steel? What will you replace it with when the time comes and why?

3 thoughts on “What’s your favorite finish? White, black or stainless steel?

  1. I love classic style home appliance. Because classic style looks cool and attracting. It attracts our eyes and its care also easy for me.

    1. Cristina, A lot of customers with children wonder if stainless steel will be too much to care for with little fingerprints, but I used stainless steel cleaning wipes which are really convenient. But classic is classic for a reason!

  2. Perhaps you have a point with the finger prints. I will try the wipes you mention. Thanks for the topic.

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