Easy Fix for Water in the Basement

2653670771_62a7333796As all Minnesotans were sweating during this weekend’s extreme high temperatures and dew points, so was my cool basement and probably yours too.

While doing laundry last night, I noticed water in my basement where the concrete floor meets the wall. Then I found some water in a storage closet. Then I saw that my basement bathroom was wet.

Surprisingly, I still have to learn the necessity of dehumidifiers the hard way.

Buying a Dehumidifier

If you don’t yet have a dehumidifier for your home, I strongly recommend one to prevent mildew and mold cause by buildup of too much moisture. They start at $179.95, which is a pittance compared to water damage.

Use a simple garden hose attachment to help it drain directly into the laundry tub (note: the dehumidifier must be elevated, as the water won’t drain “up”). .

Take note that dehumidifiers are seasonal items not widely available throughout the year, meaning that supplies run low at most retailers during hot, humid periods of the year. Don’t wait till you find water in your basement; call any of our  home appliance stores to confirm stock of your desired size (25 pint, 50 pint or 75 pint).

They’re still not whisper quiet, but certainly, they’re quieter than yours was growing up.

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