Air Fry Pigs in a Blanket

We partnered with Modern Farmhouse Eats who took her delicious Pretzel Pigs in a Blanket to the next level with her new Frigidaire Gallery range with the built in air fryer. You can find her original recipe here that includes her homemade beer cheese dip. Are you hungry yet? If not, you will be once you see how she makes these.

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Here’s the Full Recipe

Did you make this dish? Tag us and Modern Farmhouse Eats on Instagram! Hungry for more? Browse our other air fry recipes to make cooking dinner fun for the whole family. You can find air fry ranges at your local Warners’ Stellian showroom or online.

Air Fry Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Get all the flavor with none of the guilt with your Frigidaire Gallery range with Air Fry. Try this Air Fry recipe at home for a new family favorite!

With Air Fry, you can create a crispy, “fried” taste with little to no oil. From Air Frying vegetables to pepperoni pizza rolls, Air Fry makes eating healthier easier.

Recipe card for pizza rolls.

Browse Frigidaire Gallery Air Fry ranges at Warners’ Stellian Appliance.

Snack Guide for Super Bowl 2020

Super Bowl time is here, and whether you’re cheering for the Chiefs, 49ers or the commercials, the snack mix is crucial. Check out these Super Bowl recipes, which are perfect for getting your game or commercial watching on.

Game Day Apps

With some phyllo dough and a few key ingredients, your Super Bowl guests will think you’re a top chef. Get the recipe for spanakopita puffs here.

spanakopita bites displayed on table

Put a spin on your typical French fries of tater tots with roasted sweet potato wedges instead. The recipe from Electrolux includes an avocado chimichurri sauce too.

Super Bowl Dips

roasted eggplant dip in red bowl

Enjoy buffalo sauce and blue cheese without the mess of wings. This simple buffalo chicken dip recipe from GE only has 5 ingredients. Your guests and napkin supply will thank you.

Or for a lighter option, make this roasted eggplant spread from KitchenAid. Pair either dip with tortilla chips or your favorite bread.

Super Bowl Party Desserts

The ultimate game day spread ends with something to satisfy the sweet tooth. Try these chocolate football fan treats from GE.

football brownie treats on football field napkins

They are essentially chocolate on chocolate… on more chocolate. What more could you want? Except maybe these lemon bars to balance out the chocolatey goodness.

lemon bars

Let us know who you’re rooting for and what’s on your Super Bowl menu in the comments section below.

RECIPE: Tropical Bananas Foster On the Grill

9e44My brother, Joe Warner (left), and I had so much fun testing grilled desserts this past week.

By FAR the best recipe we had — though not the most colorful — was the Bananas Foster with pineapple we made for the FOX 9 morning crew.

Joe’s live TV debut came smack dab in the middle of our BBQ Grill Expo.

We’ve already gotten requests for the recipe, so here it is:

Grilled Tropical Bananas Foster

3 firm bananas

1 thinly sliced fresh pineapple rings

1 cup butter or margarine

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

2 tsp. rum extract or 2 Tbsp. dark rum

Heat grill to medium high heat. Place butter in a large, grill-safe bowl (we used metal) and heat until melted. Remove.

Meanwhile, grill bananas in their peels about 6 minutes per side, or until brown.

To make glaze, add brown sugar, cinnamon and rum to melted butter.

Peel bananas (careful, they’re steamy!), cut in fourths and add to glaze. Then add pineapples and toss fruit in glaze until coated.

Put bowl back on the grill for about 10 minutes (or so…use your judgment) to warm up again and let all the delicious flavors combine!

Scoop vanilla ice cream into bowls and spoon 1/6 of glazed fruit mixture on top.

Grilling doughnuts on ‘Twin Cities Live’

Carla Warner and I got to spend some time grilling outside with the awesome people at KSTP’s “Twin Cities Live” yesterday.

>> See the video

A rare picture of me, left, posing with TCL's Emily Engberg and Carla Warner in front of the Grilled Doughnuts on the Viking gas grill.

I love to cook, so I volunteered to whip up 3 unconventional recipes on 3 of our favorite grills.

On the Big Green Egg, we made Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers

Hollow jalapenos and completely fill with cream cheese. Wrap with raw bacon and secure with toothpick. Grill on the Big Green Egg or other grill using indirect heat at 350-375 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

On the Vermont Castings, we made Margherita pizza

Heat grill to medium heat. Sprinkle with cornmeal and roll out fresh, refrigerated pizza dough ball to no more than 1/4-inch thickness. Either oil grill grates or place pizza stone on grill. Grill dough covered for 5 minutes. Top with Kowalski’s Signature Pizza Sauce, slices of Kowalski’s fresh mozzarella and sliced Roma tomato. Grill for another 3-5 minutes or until cheese is golden brown. Top with fresh basil and serve.

And on the Viking Grill, we made — you’ll never guess — Grilled doughnuts

Grill Pillsbury Grands refrigerated biscuits on a cookie sheet (or well-oiled grill grate) using indirect heat at about 375 degrees for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Meanwhile, melt a stick of butter in a grill-safe bowl away from direct heat. Dip warm biscuits in the melted butter and roll in cinnamon sugar.