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True Refrigerator Beverage Center: Ultimate beverage refrigerator

Have you ever pulled a can of cold beer or soda out of a beverage center only to discover it’s not really that cold?

True Beverage Center TBC-24

No, your beer refrigerator isn’t broken. It’s probably just not designed to get that cold.

In fact, most beverage center temperature controls only go as low as 40-45 degrees. (For perspective, consider that ideally, food stores between 35 degrees and 38 degrees.)

So a beverage refrigerator able to cool its cabinet to 33 degrees could store some really, truly cold beer.

The TBC-24 can be used in built-in or freestanding applications and measures 24 inches wide.

That’s one reason I like True’s Beverage Center (TBC-24). Not only can they get super cold, but they can also reach that temperature more quickly and maintain it better. True is already well-known for its quality commercial refrigeration, so you know it’s a seriously heavy-duty product.

Constructed with commercial-grade stainless steel inside and out, the beverage center uses True’s exclusive balanced refrigeration system.

Basically, what convection does for the oven, balanced refrigeration does for refrigeration — in reverse. A fan moves the cool air through the refrigerator continually, eliminating hot and cold pockets to ensure one consistent temperature throughout the unit.

And True’s fan motor and blade force more air across a greater surface area (on its coated evaporator coil), making its cooling capacity efficient and consistent.

What does this mean to you? The beer on the top shelf is just as cold as the beer on the bottom shelf. Beverages cool down much more quickly and then maintain that perfect temperature until you’re ready to enjoy them. I’ll drink to that!

Plus, it’s UL-rated for outdoor use, so I’ll drink to that outdoors…

Still not convinced? Other specs from the manufacturer…:

  • Available in stainless steel with glass door and overlay models
  • Two commercial-grade, adjustable wire shelves. 1 glide-out wine shelf and a floor cradle holds 13 wine bottles
  • Temperature is maintained at +1/-1 degree of the set point throughout the cabinet
  • Commercial-grade, 300 series stainless steel does not absorb food odors like other plastic liners, providing a sophisticated look while also prolonging the life of the cabinet
  • Anti-racking technology on glide-out shelves minimizes vibrations
  • Highest quality, white LED lights illuminate the interior without UV rays, helping to maintain a consistent interior temperature
  • Stay-open door hinge allows for easy loading and unloading
  • UV-tinted, double-paned, low-e glass door minimizes UV exposure
  • Exclusive blue LCD performance display shows the real-time temperature, not just the set point
  • Adjustable and removable shelving system can be modified to meet your needs
  • 2” thick door with commercial-grade insulation for more consistent and efficient cooling
  • Factory set at 35°F, temperature controls range from 33° to 65°F for complete flexibility
  • Standard built-in lock provides added security (stainless steel only)
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Outdoor kitchen ideas: Part 2

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As Susan Serra, CKD pointed out in Outdoor kitchen ideas: Part 1, it’s easy to choose outdoor kitchen appliances like a geek in an Apple store (my words).

We Minnesotans get so excited when we get to spend time outside that doesn’t involve snow shoveling, it’s hard not to want it all when designing our three-months-out-of-the-year haven.

Be smart and think about your own entertaining and lifestyle needs when considering all the options in outdoor kitchen appliances.

Do you want a second kitchen or simply a spot to grill a burger and grab a beer while enjoying the great outdoors?

Gas grill

The workhorse of an outdoor kitchen, gas grills’ speed and convenience work best for weeknight dinners and impromptu get-togethers. If you’re looking to do more, some brands offer innovative features such as:

  • Searing zone to reach high temperatures (700 degrees!) quickly to give your meat a steakhouse-quality exterior
  • Rear infrared burner to deliver consistent, evenly distributed heat for rotisserie cooking
  • Smoker boxes to fill prepackaged hickory or mesquite chips, which give foods a distinctive, smoky flavor
  • Side burners to prepare sauces and sides like beans or vegetables or to keep food warm until it is ready to be served
  • Lighting to illuminate the cooking surface for late-night grilling

Charcoal grill/smoker

As our own grilling guru Stu Glock (also our rep for Holland Grill and the Big Green Egg) says, “You have two cars. Why not two grills?”

Charcoal grills, smokers  and/or cookers deliver flavor you can’t get in a gas grill — if you have hours to get it. Owners of the Big Green Egg rave about the unique flavor of their ribs, brisket and roasts they get in this ceramic cooker. Viking also makes a ceramic cooker, but with a stainless steel finish.

If you have the time to kick back and just grill, the extra time is definitely worth the flavor.

Warming drawers

Cut down on the running back back and forth from your main kitchen. Warming drawers keep grilled food warm (and sanitary) once prepared and work great for make-ahead dishes from your main oven.

I’d probably end up throwing some towels in mine to keep them cozy after a late-night swim. Now if I only had a pool..

Kegerator/beer tapper

Arguably as important as the grill itself is beer on-demand. Aside from the convenience, an outdoor keg fridge makes an unbeatable conversation (and party) starter. DCS, Viking and Marvel make draft beer dispensers specifically for the outdoors.

Outdoor kegerators come in built-in or freestanding. Again, if I only had a pool...

Wine chiller/beverage center

If you’re more of a wine-o than a beer gal like me, you might consider storing your bottles outside, in the proper wine chiller, of course. Look for models with precise temperature controls, racks to accommodate various bottle sizes and minimum vibration.

This Marvel Wine Cellar holds 54 bottles.

Beverage centers, though less precise in temperature control, make a viable option for combination beer/wine/soda, etc. storage.


“But I already have a wine fridge!”

But your wine fridge is 55 degrees, remember? Even your beverage center isn’t designed to refrigerate food and condiments. Please don’t keep your barbecue meats in a beverage fridge!

Ice maker

If mixed drinks and soda are more your thing, maybe you’d like an ice maker. Marvel‘s and U-line‘s have UL Listed suitable for outdoor use clear ice makers that store 25-30 pounds of ice.

Patio heaters

Denial: it ain't just a river in Africa. It's an outdoor barbecue in St. Paul in October.

I might not have a pool, but living in Minnesota, you better believe I have a patio heater. Fueled by a the same kind gas tank you use for your grill, these easily extend construction season into early winter (or “fall”).