Spring Home Improvement Projects to Consider

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Spring has sprung, and in our markets we are all too familiar with severe winter weather conditions wreaking havoc on homes. As the snow melts and temperatures warm, the toll Mother Nature has taken over the winter months becomes increasingly difficult to ignore. And with more time spent indoors, many of us have home improvement on the mind. Read on for a list of home improvement projects that are ideal to tackle in the spring.

Repair or Replace the Roof

Most homeowners are uncomfortable climbing on the roof to examine the condition of their shingles. However, standing on the ground and using a pair of binoculars is a straightforward way for a homeowner to evaluate if it’s time for a reputable professional to provide advice on roof repair or replacement. Causes for concern include curled shingles and bruised or missing granules. Quality roofers can also inspect flashing around chimneys and skylights.

Get New Gutters

Leafguard gutters on home

Missing gutters on your home can cause wet basements, landscape erosion and foundation cracking. But simply having gutters doesn’t solve the problem. Improperly-sized or clogged gutters cannot divert water away from the home. To alleviate the worry of leaks, opt for a seamless design.  

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Inspect the trees throughout your yard for any branches that may require trimming. Rake fallen leaves away from landscaping and flower beds. A 4-inch layer of mulch around plant beds acts as a safeguard against weed growth. And with more meals being eaten at home, there’s no better time to invest in a shiny new grill.

Broil King pellet grill

Inspect Your Windows

Avoid air and water infiltration by inspecting your windows to ensure their caulking and weatherstripping is in place. You can tackle hardware changes on your own, but call a professional if the glass is warped or cracked.

Visit Your Attic

While the attic is a dreary place most prefer not to visit, ignoring it causes problems. Critters such as bats, squirrels and insects often make their homes in attics over the winter months. Winter ice dams create moisture in the attic, leading to mold and mildew growth. If you’re even questioning whether your home’s insulation is up to snuff, consult with a reputable contractor.

What home projects are you tackling this spring? Tell us in the comments.

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