Celebrate Plaid Friday with Warners’ Stellian

2011_logoI’m not going to judge anyone for camping out to shed plasma for a flat screen TV today, but I’d like to think the holidays are about more than just “stuff.”

Remember when holiday shopping was leisurely and fun, and shops and gifts were unique and thoughtful? That’s the idea of Plaid Friday, a movement started on the West Coast to celebrate the diversity and creativity of independent businesses.

Plaid Friday is the fun and enjoyable alternative to the big box store “Black Friday,”and is designed to promote both local and independently owned businesses during the holidays.

Warners’ Stellian is participating in our own Plaid Friday-like program with other Twin Cities  independent retailers.

The Buy Local/Buy Smart Holiday Gift Guide is a selection of gift ideas from local, indie retailers. The money you spend with them recirculates an average of 3x more than the money you spend at absentee-owned national chains.

Plus, the shopping experience and products are usually much better.

Use your American Express card at a local, independent business on Small Business Saturday (Nov. 26) for a $25 statement credit.

As a local (family-owned!) business, Warners’ Stellian is proud to support our community, source our business needs from other local businesses and pay our employees who live and shop nearby.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Plaid Friday with Warners’ Stellian

  1. Great article, Julie, bringing focus to small business, the engine that runs our economy. It has been a tough three year stretch with a housing bubble and foreclosures putting a lid on new construction and credit restraints forcing some projects to be downsized or not started at all. W/S’s perserverence and continued strong presence in the Minnesota market is a testimony to sound financial management supporting continued growth through your brand recognition. Carla has become the face of the retail appliance market in MN and western WI. W/S’ continued advertising and event promotion combined with sound business practices gives consumers confidence to know they are dealing with a company that is here to stay.

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