Breathe Freshness Into Your Clothes with LG Steam Laundry

For centuries, societies have harnessed the power of steam for seemingly limitless uses. Steam cooking dates back to ancient Chinese civilizations who prepared rice dishes in bamboo bowls. Inventor James Watt’s late 18th century improvements to the steam engine led to the proliferation of steamboats and locomotives, which paved the way for modern transport. Many Americans utilize steam baths and saunas to promote better health and circulation.

But what does steam have to do with appliances? More than you’d think! LG Electronics has harnessed the power of steam cleaning with their full line of front load steam washers and dryers! Offering all the performance, capacity, and efficiency of traditional front load laundry, the LG steam washer and dryer uses unique technology to deliver a level of deep cleaning and freshening that pamper your clothes like no other washer can.

How Does a Steam Washer Work

LG steam washers feature an internal steam chamber which superheats incoming water into vapor. With the push of the steam button, a 20 minute steam wash is added to the middle of a cycle. Gaseous water molecules, otherwise known as steam, are much smaller than water droplet molecules. These smaller gaseous molecules are more effectively able to penetrate the tightly woven fibers of your clothes, lifting out stubborn stains and odors.

But that’s not all. The LG steam washer features a steam fresh cycle. Designed for one to five articles of clothing, this brief 20 minutes steam only cycle is designed to freshen up clothes that aren’t necessarily dirty, but have been hanging in the closet for longer than normal. The steam cycle infuses clothes with moisture which forces out odor and must, freshening them up just in time for that night on the town!

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