How To: Replacing Furnace Filter

If you’re reading this and can’t remember when you last changed your furnace filter, it might be time. This is a helpful tip to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your furnace. Did you know that even if it’s not time to turn on the heat, you should still make sure you replace your filter. You need a working furnace to have a working AC! It’s recommended to replace your furnace filter monthly to improve the air quality in your home and prevent potential damage to your furnace. Here is an easy step-by-step guide to replacing your furnace filter.

Ready, Set, Replace!

Step 1: Turn off your heating system.

Picture of thermostat.

Step 2: Take off the filter cover to find the filter.

Furnace showing where to find your filter when you have to replace it.

Step 3: Take out old filter and discard.

Hand placed on filter.

Step 4: Place the new filter in, facing arrows the correct way.

Filter showing arrows for correct placement.

Step 5: Put cover back and turn heating system on.

Furnace in a home after replacing furnace filter.

We hope you found these steps easy to follow for replacing your furnace filter, and for more home solutions dive into our blog. For heating and cooling services visit our website.

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