Full Steam Ahead

Steam Oven [steem uhv-uhn] noun 

Ovens that use hot steam rather than hot air to cook food. 

Steam Ovens

Around for 25 years, steam ovens are becoming a must-have for today’s kitchen. You might also know them as combi steam ovens, where they can do many tasks a regular oven does, but with the performance of some steam. Let’s dive into some of their key features. 

Photo: Wolf

Cooking with Your Steam Oven 

First, steam ovens are forgiving when cooking food to a specific temperature. You won’t be drying out any chicken in these! Steam ovens don’t mean vegetables, fish and chicken only. Similar to a regular convection oven, it will brown your food to perfection.  

Photo: Miele

Cooking Meat 

Because this oven infuses food with moisture, you can count on it not drying up. This also helps with keeping all those yummy nutrients in the food and maintaining its color. You might notice that food also takes less time to cook because water conducts heat quicker than air.  

Photo: Miele


If you’re an avid baker, you’re in luck because you can cook and bake with your steam oven. In fact, you can do both at the same time, without worry about odor transfer.  

Photo: Sharp

Saying Yes to Leftovers 

Not everyone is keen on having leftovers, but your mind might change after reheating last night’s dinner in this appliance. Your family won’t even know it’s leftovers with the steam oven’s reheat mode. 

Photo: Warners’ Stellian Edina Showroom

Cleaning Up 

You see all of that moisture? Not only does that help cook to perfection, it makes cleaning up a breeze! Gone are the days of crusted on cheese from pizza that went rogue. The moisture from the oven makes cleaning your oven fun again.  

Recipe: Wolf

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