Like to Gamble? Wait to Buy your Window A/C


Not much saddened me more in my former life as a Warners’ Stellian store receptionist than the summer gamblers who’d just run out on their luck. Because everyone in town had just run out of window air conditioners.

Sweaty and restless (drowning in sweat makes it hard to breathe at night), the poor souls stumbled in and asked where our air conditioning was…as if I couldn’t tell what they were going to be shopping for on a mercury-busting, 90something-degree day.

And I’d have to break the news to them that their neighbors had beat them to the punch, and our stock was sold out.

Warners’ Stellian generally stocks so many window air conditioners that we’re last to sell among our competitors, but it happens every year, no fail.


This could be you.

Stores that carry A/Cs typically sell out of most sizes by early to mid-July, but it looks like stock will be gone even earlier this year. Most retailers selling air conditioning units weren’t shipped the full amount of units they tried to buy. Thankfully, we got 100% of our order.

But supplies are limited. Window air conditioners are a seasonal item, and there’s only so many of them. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

I’m not hating on the thrifty people. I buy generic “Ultrabright” toothpaste. I wait to see if my traffic ticket will pay itself…I get it.

But don’t gamble on this one. You won’t win. You don’t have to buy your air conditioner from us, but you should buy one before they’re gone.  Don’t wait to find out when that is.

3 thoughts on “Like to Gamble? Wait to Buy your Window A/C

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