Unbeatable Value on Frigidaire Laundry

If you’ve had the courage to open and analyze your 401K statement recently, you know the pain that the recent market downturn has caused. While the sun appears poised to rise again, more people are focused on value than ever before. Whether it’s clipping grocery store coupons, driving at 55 mph to conserve gas, or gardening their own vegetables, Americans are rediscovering their love for stretching the value of their dollar.

When it comes to value in a washing machine, few manufacturers offer as much as Frigidaire. Having manufactured washers for over fifty years, Frigidaire laundry offers a number of exclusive benefits and innovations.

  • Frigidaire’s Sure-Spin Suspension System uses a balancing ring, polypropylene snubber ring, and six stabilizing springs for best in class handling without walking or banging.
  • For thorough yet gentle cleaning, the Precision Roll Plus Agitator uses spiral fins to rotate clothes downward and away from the agitator towards the tub wall.
  • The polypropylene tub is biodegradable, yet durable enough to last the life of the washer without snagging clothes or staining with rust.
  • Metal helical gears in the transmission deliver dependable, durable, and quieter performance when compared to the industry standard plastic spur gear.

At $449, the GLWS1439FS Frigidaire washer offers all of these great benefits in addition to variable water levels, rinses, and temperature selections. Need something a little more configurable? At $499, the GLWS1749FS Frigidaire Washer adds four customizable speed combinations and automatic temperature control for the greatest configurability in clothes care.

With exclusive store rebates from now through the end of April, nothing comes close to the unbeatable value of Frigidaire laundry. Not only that, if you pair it up with the matching gas or electric dryer, Warners’ Stellian will rebate back an additional $50! If you’re looking to stretch the value of your dollar, look no further than Warners’ Stellian’s lineup of quality washers and dryers from Frigidaire.

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