11 Grill Safety Tips

With being grill master comes tremendous responsibility. Unfortunately, grill accidents DO happen, sometimes resulting in serious injury and even death.

Take precaution with these grill safety tips.

1. Be sure all utensils, cutting boards, plates, cooking surfaces and hands are clean.

2. Never place cooked meat on a platter that held raw meat.

3. So foods won’t stick to the grill surface, dip a folded up paper towel in olive oil and rub over the grate before turning on your grill.

4. Don’t partially precook meat or poultry before transporting.

5. Put your cooler inside your car rather than the hot truck.

6. Keep your grill away from overhangs, fences and shrubbery.

7. Never add lighter fuel directly to hot coals. The flame could travel up the stream and burn you.

8. When refilling a propane cylinder, have the supplier check for any damage or leads (especially when the cylinder has been stored, such as during the winter)

9. Always use and store propane cylinders in an upright position.

10. Use tongs to lift and turn meat. Using a fork pierces the meats and lets precious juices escape.

11. When lighting a gas grill, always keep the lid open to prevent a flash off from gas build-up

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