Save Kitchen Space with Sharp Microwave Drawers

When appliances claim to “revolutionize” kitchen design, skepticism is only fair  – except in the case of Sharp’s microwave drawer.

Microwave placement poses a problem. Standard microwaves easily clutter an otherwise beautiful design, especially within kitchen islands and open-plan kitchens, when placed near eye-level.

And – I’m sorry – but who in her right mind would put a standard microwave under the counter? Retrieving hot and possibly heavy items while bent down begs for trouble.

So when Sharp introduced the first microwave drawer, it truly did offer a solution to what many consider a problem.

Sharp microwave drawer built into cabinets

The newest 24-inch microwave drawer models expand capacity within their existing footprints and include new, feedback-driven functions:

  • Shortcut options such as “Warm” to heat maple syrup and dessert sauces
  • Keep Warm function maintains the serving temperature for up to 30 minutes
  • Soften and Melt functions keeps homeowners from having to press their faces up to the microwave glass to make sure they don’t make a buttery mess all over the microwave
  • Sensor Cook settings expanded to include popular items such as brown rice and sweet potatoes
  • Defrost options available for both boneless and bone-in poultry
  • Opens quietly and smoothly (minimizes messes!) automatically at the touch of a button

Keeping the microwave tucked away yet accessible is perfect for people who use the microwave mostly for defrosting meats, steaming veggies and softening ingredients while cooking.

Does the idea of a microwave drawer seem like a novelty or practicality to you?