Repair Your Refrigerator Seal With This Trick

refrigerator seal
Gasket, seal, “rubber thing” — whatever you call it, keep it moistened.

If you’ve noticed ice crystals on your frozen foods or condensation in your fridge, check your refrigerator seal. After some troubleshooting, you might be able to repair your refrigerator seal without having to resort to a refrigerator gasket replacement.

Test Refrigerator Seal

First, open your refrigerator’s freezer door and slip a dollar bill against where the gasket seals to the freezer cabinet. Then shut the door to hold the bill in place.

If the bill slips out, your seal isn’t tight.

Repair Refrigerator Seal

Fortunately, in many cases there is something you can do about it. In the past, some manufacturers and care books recommended using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to help keep the seal in top shape. And while you can still use small amounts of the stuff to help break in a new gasket against the frame, it’s no longer recommended as a long-term fix.

Instead, try our current recommendation. Simply heat the gasket with a hair dryer or warm water, close the door and keep it closed for an hour or so to let the magnet align the gasket. And presto! It should help to extend the life of your refrigerator seal.

In most cases that should do the trick and revive the rubber grip of your fridge’s youth AND keep your foods nice and chilly.

Featured image via LG

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