Mini Refrigerators and Dorm Microwaves for College Cooking

Getting a decent meal on campus one of the biggest challenges students deal with. But having a fridge helps keeping fresh food on hand both affordable and easy for the busiest college student. And having a microwave or oven means you don’t have to rely on the dining halls or takeout if you don’t want to.

Here are some affordable and functional options for your dorm or college apartment.

Dorm Refrigerators

danby mini refrigeratorIf you don’t need a freezer (and really, you might not) in your dorm or office, maximize your fridge space with this Danby 2.5 cu. ft. mini refrigerator (comes in white or black). The can dispenser makes beverages easy to grab and having space for a 2-liter or big wine bottle can be really handy and free up a lot of space on your shelves.

But sometimes you’ll want a freezer for pizza (or Jell-O shots). The Avanti 5.5 cu. ft compact refrigerator and freezer has a a space-saving flush back design.

Dorm Microwaves

If you have a tiny space, you’ll appreciate this 0.5 cu. ft. Whirlpool microwave, made specifically to fit into tight corners. Despite its compact footprint, pull the pocket handle on the door and you’ll find space for an 11-inch plate.


2 thoughts on “Mini Refrigerators and Dorm Microwaves for College Cooking

  1. Great and timely post, Julie. Hardly seems possible that back to school is here.

    One thing I’ve learned over the years is showing customers how the top of the “dorm” fridge can be used as a table top. Most microwaves and even the LG pizza oven/microwave (best dorm iedea yet!) will fit on top of the fridge. Dorms are overcrowded with technology and an extra table top sure comes in handy when trying to maximize space.

    • Thanks Doug. We skipped spring here in MN, so I think everyone’s shocked it’s already August.

      Funny you mention stacking the fridge/micro, because that’s the exact thing I did. And we kept our “pantry” food in a basket on top of the microwave. Great idea!!!

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