Keep Your Washer Fresh with Affresh Tablets

A question that I hear often with regard to front load washers is the correlation between moldy odors and the washer gasket. Although some consumers encounter this issue more than others, manufacturers have worked to improve the engineering of front load washers to prevent this problem. However, if you encounter a moldy smell in your washer, there are a few simple steps you can take to rid your washing machine of mold and any odors associated with it.

Front load washers are designed with a rubber boot seal that forms a gasket between the door and the tub. This is a good thing as the boot seal prevents water from leaking on the floor during operation. Older front loaders had a tendency to trap moisture, which if left unattended, could generate mold. This didn’t hurt the washer, but it did create an unpleasant odor that was difficult to get rid of. Most modern front load manufacturers have punched holes in their boot seal. Residual moisture passes through these holes, gets channeled into the drain, and is pumped safely from the machine. These advancements have greatly reduced the number of mold complaints.

To be safe, most manufacturers recommend that you leave your front load washer door ajar when not in use. This will allow the rubber seal to aerate, evaporating any remaining moisture. Occasionally using your washer’s hot temperature and bleach settings can also help counteract mold growth, as both high heat and bleach have bacteria killing capabilities.

If your washer currently has a funky smell, or you’re looking for a product that can help prevent the problem before it starts, check out Affresh washer cleaning tablets. Affresh washer tablets use oxygenated cleaning action to lift the residues from the hard to reach crevices of your washer. Used monthly, Affresh washer tablets are the best way to ensure a clean washer tub that is free of mold and bacteria.

Front load washers deliver the industry’s highest level of cleaning performance, capacity, and energy efficiency. Assuming twelve loads a week and national averages for water, sewer, detergent, and electric costs, the average family can save up to $150 a year by upgrading to a front loader. Stop in to one of our seven locations today and let us help you find the washer that best fits your particular needs.

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