Fresh From the Oven… We Mean Air Fryer

Air fryer features in a range.
We partnered with Modern Farmhouse Eats for National Air Fry Day.

Say goodbye to running out of counter space because too many small appliances are taking up room. One of those appliances is the infamous air fryer so many got in 2020 while spending more time at home. Now, brands are introducing ranges and ovens with built-in air fry, saving you space and time. Space and time are not the only things you get when using an oven with the air frying feature. It is convenient, attributes to healthier cooking, and fits your always on the go lifestyle. It’s a win-win.  

How a Range with Air Fry Works

The oven and ranges circulate hot air inside using the convection fans like the convection feature does, and it creates an even crispy, fried layer without the oil as deep fried food has. Air fry cookware makes using the feature easy, and it is available for gas, electric, and induction ranges from most major brands: Frigidaire, GE, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool & Maytag.  

Air Fryer = No Preheat Needed

Cook crispy vegetables, throw in some wings quickly for football Sunday; you name it, you can air fry it. You won’t have to preheat, so it cuts down on cooking time, and you follow the regular cooking time and instructions on the food packages. Whether you are darting to make your coffee before your commute into work or the kids are grabbing a snack after school, the kitchen is a high-traffic area.  

Fried Foods Without the Guilt

Cooking with an air fry range.

Now we can eat our favorite fried foods without guilt, have more counter space, and we can make time to do more of what we love vs. things that we don’t. Warners’ Stellian has the largest selection of in-stock air fry ranges and wall ovens. Your Appliance Specialist can simplify the selection and fulfillment for you.

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