Clean Clothes in Under Half an Hour


Do you really want to be “that mom”?

It’s an hour till game time and you’re searching for your kid’s jersey only to find it in a ball, covered in dirt.

Sound familiar?

Before you give into being “that mom” with the dirty-shirt kid, you should know that someone created a get out of jail free card for this situation.

The Electrolux Perfect Steam washer and dryer boast the fastest wash & dry time, totaling 29 minutes. Electrolux dryer showing fast dry time - 14 minutes

That’s faster than the first half of your kid’s game. The Electrolux steam washer washes in just 15 minutes, and the Electrolux steam dryer gets your clothes dry in just 14 minutes.

Plus, the Electrolux laundry will actually get it clean. All the grass and dirt stains and sports drinks spills will be gone without a second thought from you.

Those of us without kids who just happen to be as messy as a child can also appreciate the last-minute, life-saving abilities of the Fast Wash/Fast Dry cycle.

And if it’s simply wrinkled, the steam dryer can refresh it in 15 minutes — eliminating odors too! How handy is that?

One thought on “Clean Clothes in Under Half an Hour

  1. The last paragraph about refreshing and eliminating odors is key to how today’s dryers differ from their ancestors. I know several executives who travel for a living. They all own Electrolux for one reason: Many times they pack clothes that they don’t wear. Since they have been packed and unpacked, and exposed to hotel air they are wrinkled and have the “hotel” odor. It’s so simple to freshen these items for the next trip by putting them put into the steam cycle of the Electrolux dryer…talk about a time and cost savings. Before the dryer, shirts went to the laundry or dry cleaner…These folks are still adding up the cost savings every week. Here is one machine that gives a return on investment every time it is used.

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