Savings on a Stick: Warners’ Stellian and the Minnesota State Fair

A sign posted in view of State Fair traffic at the edge of our flagship store’s parking lot on Snelling and Larpenteur Avenues, two blocks north of the Fairgrounds.

Back since Warners’ Stellian was simply Stellian in the 1950s, our appliances were warehoused at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds all but two months of the year.

Many different buildings housed our refrigerators, washing machines, etc. through the decades we spent there. After a customer bought something, our guys would just drive the two blocks to the Fairgrounds, load the appliance into the truck bearing our name on its stakes, and deliver it – sometimes beating the customer to their own house, founder Jim Warner would brag.

An earlier iteration of our delivery fleet

We kept overhead low enough to offer great prices. In exchange, we had to completely clear our stuff out for the Minnesota State Fair and for the circus (before which Marketing Director Jeff Warner remembers hauling appliances out as the elephants walked in  – probably when we were in the 4-H Building).

We also shared a building with Steichen’s grocery. Still another building we used across the street lacked a toilet, so the side of the building had to do…sorry!

Savings on a Stick

When we’d return all the inventory hauled from the building to our  (then) little single store in Falcon Heights, we barely had space for it, thus creating our annual State Fair Warehouse Sale.

Warners' Stellian Appliance Company 1952
Warners’ Stellian flagship location in 1952.

Finally in 1995, we built our first warehouse in the North End neighborhood of St. Paul, which we expanded a few years later and outgrew by 2004, at which time we built our current Warners’ Stellian warehouse and corporate headquarters.

For some years now, we’ve been referring to our history there and our former annual warehouse sale with our Savings On A Stick promotion during the Minnesota State Fair.

“Make sure you say they were good to us,” Jim Warner said, referring to the State Fairgrounds. He said being able to store our inventory so cheaply probably deserves much credit for keeping us around to this day.

Sounds fair to us.

Featured Image via Flickr m01229
This is an updated version of an article previously published on Aug. 23, 2011.

Fourth of July Cookout Menu Ideas

Planning a Fourth of July cookout to showcase your patriotic pride? Celebrate independence with good taste by wowing your guests with these dynamite recipes for the main course, sides, drinks, and desserts.

The Main Event – Cookout Entrees

In Minnesota, we like cheese in our burgers. Hello, Juicy Lucy! So these cheese-stuffed burgers from Napoleon are definitely on our cookout menu. Will your attendees ask for seconds? You betcha!

burgers on Napoleon grill

What is a summer cookout without ribs on the grill? Try Napoleon’s smoky maple ribs recipe. Of course part of being a host with the most is catering to your guests’ dietary needs. This black bean burger recipe from Beko provides a tasty vegetarian option!

BBQ Side Dishes

What you serve on the side is just as important as what you cook on the grill. Add the following ideas to your cookout menu. Spice up your potato salad with this healthy version made with pesto.

Then your guests won’t feel as bad piling their plates with macaroni and cheese! Add some flair with this colorful veggie pizza recipe from GE.

Delectable Desserts

Don’t fire down the grill just yet! These grilled peaches with raspberry yogurt are a fun, fresh dessert option.

Incorporate some red, white and blue into the menu with these patriotic cupcakes:

Summer Drinks

All that food and nothing to wash it down with? Not at your party! Quench your guests’ thirst with refreshing fruit infused water. Use blueberries, strawberries and pineapple to add to the theme.

sliced strawberry and blueberries

If you really want to kick the party up a notch, the adults will love these simple lime margaritas!

Last but not least, celebrate responsibly, have fun and thank a service member.

We love to see what you’re cooking! Share your festive feast photos with the tag #cookwithwarners.

What is GrillFest?

What is better than opening the gate to summer with an outdoor food fest?  How about a food fest, a beer fest, an expo and a gathering of people grilling out and enjoying festivities. Together, over 4,000 attendees and 100 vendors will make up the most popular grilling themed event in the Twin Cities.

#GrillFest is a weekend long event that celebrates grilling and chilling with awesome food, drinks and fun. It’s essentially “Grill Disney Land” for enthusiasts and food fanatics alike.

One expected highlight is when seven critically-acclaimed restaurants will team up with seven unique craft beer breweries to battle it out. They will compete for the title of taste as they serve up the best pairs for attendees to taste and vote on.

An additional competition will consist of Bloody Mary mix companies going head-to-head to serve their signature drinks, using Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Attendees will again get to vote on who gets to be crowned Grillfest’s Bloody Mary Champion.


Rain or shine, it’s grillin’ time.

Warners’ Stellian is going to be there to serve up some goodies, and we’re bringing our friends, No Name Premium Meats & Seafood and Flat Earth Brewing.

We will also have experts on-site from WeberTraegerNapoleonDCSPrimo, and Broil King to showcase some of the best grill brands available, and we will help you find the perfect pairing for your backyard.

After you fill up on salmon and steak from No Name, you’ll find a sweet ending as you roast-your-own s’mores over our Big Green Egg smoker grills.

In honor of GrillFest, we would like to invite you to enter to win a top-of-the line Traeger Timberline, worth $2,000. Learn more about the Traeger Timberline here.

For more information and ticket purchasing, visit Minnesota Monthly’s event page.

Featured image via Fisher & Paykel

Top Black Friday Washer and Dryer Deals at Warner Stellian

If you’ve been waiting to replace your washer or dryer, wait no further. Black Friday 2013 washer – dryer deals are here! If you’ve been waiting to do your laundry, apologize to your loved ones.

Here are the top 2013 Black Friday laundry pair deals in Minneapolis, MN:

Black Friday Washer Dryer Deal #1


Titanium colored LG front-load steam washer & electric steam dryer. SAVE $600 on pair. Final price: $899.99 each. (white $799 each)

Black Friday Washer Dryer Deal #2


Whirlpool Duet front load steam washer & electric steam dryer. Save $600 on pair. Final price: $699.99 each.

Black Friday Washer Dryer Deal #3


Samsung front-load steam washer & electric steam dryer. SAVE $600 on pair. Final price: $599.99 each.

Black Friday Washer Dryer Deal #4


LG front-load steam washer & electric steam dryer pair. SAVE $600 on pair. Final price: $599.99 each.

Black Friday Washer Dryer Deal #5


Whirlpool high-efficiency, top-load washer and electric dryer. SAVE $400 on pair. Final price: $499.99 each.

Black Friday Washer Dryer Deal #6


Amana top-load washer & electric dryer pair. SAVE $180 on pair. Final price: $599.00.

Plus, Warners’ Stellian always offers free, professional delivery and appliance recycling from a friendly crew you can trust to treat your home like its their own on purchased $499 and up. We will also handle basic reinstallation on refrigerators, ranges/stoves, washers and dryers — all you’re on the hook for are any necessary parts.

Also featured:

Maytag top-load washer & electric dryer. SAVE $380 on pair. Final price: $399.99 each.

GE top load-washer & electric dryer. SAVE $400 on pair. Final price $399.99 each.

Appliance Energy Savings (On a Stick)


Again this year we’re educating Minnesota State Fair-goers about the money and energy you’ll save by using Energy Star appliances.

The Eco Experience, housed in the Progress Center building, educates Minnesotans about sustainable living practices from not throwing away your aluminum can (can you believe 60% do?) to keeping our drinking water clean to — the main event — Energy Star appliances!

Energy Star Appliances

Windmills in Field at DuskThe federal government created the Energy Star label 20 years ago to promote to consumers appliances that went above and beyond the standards set for energy efficiency.

These energy-efficient appliances, though sometimes more expensive at point of purchase than standard appliances, represent a greater lifetime value when factoring in the money saved through lower utility costs.

Only refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and washers currently carry Energy Star ratings, though the word is that dryers will soon follow. Not all appliances can be Energy Star rated because there’s not enough difference in energy use within the category to create a meaningful distinction for buyers. We’ll see if that changes.

Eco House Exhibit

Warners’ Stellian is proud to partner with the University of Minnesota College of Design for the Gen Y Eco House  exhibit, designed by students to reflect the future of home design for Millennials. The students say that their generation cooks little but values energy and water efficiency so we’re featuring appliances that pack a punch in a smaller footprint: a Bosch induction cooktop, a Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer and a U-Line compact refrigerator/freezer. The laundry is stackable with an Energy Star washer and a sensor dryer. Instead of an oven, the students chose an Electrolux convection microwave, which works double duty to both reheat and bake.