How Much Money Do You Spend on Your Daily Coffee?

Got your coffee, calculator and maybe a note pad?

The average time spent waiting in line at popular coffee chains is 4 minutes, which doesn’t count surprises like getting stuck being the guy ordering four blended vanilla frappes.

If your frequent store is a high-traffic chain, you dedicate approximately 25 minutes each week, 100 minutes each month and 20 hours each year to morning lines. That’s considering coffee on workdays alone, and it doesn’t include the time it takes to make your drink.

No, staring at your watch really hard doesn’t actually slow down the little hand so you get to work on time (most of us have tried).

Now the big kicker…

Have you considered the amount of money spent over time on these completely necessary and delicious coffee drinks? The average American coffee fan spends $1100 per year.

Skip the Lines With a Built-in Coffee Maker

The silver lining is that you can redirect that disposable mocha money into a smart and classy investment. Built-in coffee machines pay for themselves in two years, and they come in various easy-to-use models that are designed to make basic espresso or lavish drinks in under two minutes. You choose the temperature and strength, and there’s no more awkward frothing with a stick.

JennAir Built-in Coffee System

This Jenn-Air built-in coffee system allows you to customize your perfect from the strength of the brew and the foam on top. It has 13 different levels for grinding beans, preferred water temperature settings and a frothing system for milk.

Fisher & Paykel Built-in Coffee Maker

We also have a Fisher & Paykel built-in coffee maker, and it has 13 different beverage options! It also features a self-cleaning function, a conical burr grinder and LED lights.


Miele Built-in Coffee Machine

Or check out one of our Miele built-in coffee machines. This one comes with DirectWater perfectly combinable design with CoffeeSelect + AutoDescale for highest demands. It features a large touch display with movement sensor, individual coffee enjoyment with 3 bean containers and two coffees at once at the touch of a button.


Gaggenau Built-in Coffee System

Meet the Gaggenau 24-inch built-in coffee system with Wi-Fi and TFT touch display. Looking for something that hooks up to plumbing so you don’t have to fill up the water tank? Here you go! Built with a  warming plate, Bluetooth, frothing nozzle, and it’s easy to clean.


Wolf Built-In Coffee Maker with Cup Warming Drawer

Lastly, you might want to check out the Wolf built-in coffee makers with the cup warming drawer. Your cups are held at the ideal temperature warm enough to maintain the temperature of your drink while still cool enough to hold comfortably. this brushed stainless steel drawer front coordinates perfectly with the 24” Wolf coffee system in stainless.


As for those fabulous scones your coffee shop carries, Warners’ Stellian can suggest the best appliances for making those yourself too. You can treat yourself with your own home barista and enjoy the time and money saving benefits.

What’s the first coffee drink you would make on a built-in coffee system?

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