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Recipe card for pizza rolls.

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Prep Your Deck with these Tips

This guest blog was written by Lindus Construction. Lindus Construction is proud to have served over 75,000 happy customers since the company’s founding in 1979. One Call. One Contractor. Lindus Construction is proud to be the premier installer of wooden and composite decking in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin.

Before building a new deck or purchasing a home with one, it’s crucial that you understand the level of maintenance they require in order to maintain their appearance. Failure to do so in wooden decks can lead to dry rot in as little as five years. This is because the ends of the deck boards can become moisture ridden and overtaken with mold. How you maintain your deck is largely dependent on the material it is comprised of. Spruce up your deck with this deck maintenance advice.

Maintaining a Wood Deck

To get your deck fit for a grill party, use a paint scraper to remove any peeling areas on the deck boards. Light sanding may be needed to remove any preexisting deck stain. Restore the cedar’s PH balance and breathe new life into the graying wood with a deck brightener/conditioning product. Then the wooden deck is ready to be cleaned using a power washer on its lowest setting.

After the deck is completely dry, you pay apply a new stain if desired. When given the option, homeowners should use oil-based stains to refinish their deck because they do a better job of penetrating the wood, making it longer lasting than paint. Two thin coats will be more effective than one thick coat. Address two to three boards at a time, rather than trying to do a substantial section all at once. While rollers and spray mechanisms can be used, the most effective way to stain a deck is with a paintbrush. This approach allows the stain to work its ways deep into the pores of the wood.

Maintaining a Composite Deck

Once it’s understood how much time and money must be dedicated to maintaining wood decking, it’s hardly surprising that many homeowners opt for maintenance-free decking from major manufacturers, such as TimberTech® and Zuri®. While maintenance may vary slightly by manufacturer, it’s a selling point that very little attention must be paid to keeping this type of decking looking as good as the day it was installed.

Hose off composite decks occasionally to reduce staining and curtail mildew growth. If needed, water and mild detergent can be used, but beware of any cleaners not authorized by the decking manufacturer. Steer clear of applying bug spray or sunscreen on a composite deck, as it can lead to discoloration. In addition, mats with rubber backing and tarps should not be placed on composite decking for extended periods of time.

Once your deck is looking its best, fill it with lawn furniture, plants and family. Outdoor entertaining is more important than ever, and we hope you enjoy your deck all season long.  

What do you like to use to deck out your deck? Let us know in the comments below.

Spring Home Improvement Projects to Consider

This guest blog was written by Lindus Construction. Lindus Construction is proud to have served over 75,000 happy customers in Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities since the company’s founding in 1979. One Call. One Contractor.

Spring has sprung, and in our markets we are all too familiar with severe winter weather conditions wreaking havoc on homes. As the snow melts and temperatures warm, the toll Mother Nature has taken over the winter months becomes increasingly difficult to ignore. And with more time spent indoors, many of us have home improvement on the mind. Read on for a list of home improvement projects that are ideal to tackle in the spring.

Repair or Replace the Roof

Most homeowners are uncomfortable climbing on the roof to examine the condition of their shingles. However, standing on the ground and using a pair of binoculars is a straightforward way for a homeowner to evaluate if it’s time for a reputable professional to provide advice on roof repair or replacement. Causes for concern include curled shingles and bruised or missing granules. Quality roofers can also inspect flashing around chimneys and skylights.

Get New Gutters

Leafguard gutters on home

Missing gutters on your home can cause wet basements, landscape erosion and foundation cracking. But simply having gutters doesn’t solve the problem. Improperly-sized or clogged gutters cannot divert water away from the home. To alleviate the worry of leaks, opt for a seamless design.  

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Inspect the trees throughout your yard for any branches that may require trimming. Rake fallen leaves away from landscaping and flower beds. A 4-inch layer of mulch around plant beds acts as a safeguard against weed growth. And with more meals being eaten at home, there’s no better time to invest in a shiny new grill.

Broil King pellet grill

Inspect Your Windows

Avoid air and water infiltration by inspecting your windows to ensure their caulking and weatherstripping is in place. You can tackle hardware changes on your own, but call a professional if the glass is warped or cracked.

Visit Your Attic

While the attic is a dreary place most prefer not to visit, ignoring it causes problems. Critters such as bats, squirrels and insects often make their homes in attics over the winter months. Winter ice dams create moisture in the attic, leading to mold and mildew growth. If you’re even questioning whether your home’s insulation is up to snuff, consult with a reputable contractor.

What home projects are you tackling this spring? Tell us in the comments.

Home Improvement Projects with the Highest ROI

Renovating your home is a serious investment, but smart home improvements add tremendous value to your home and convenience to your life. To ensure a high ROI, avoid unnecessary projects and focus on updates that will allow you to recoup the most money.

Financing Home Improvements

While minor improvements typically won’t break the bank, the cost of a home remodel can become extremely pricey if you don’t go in with a budget. Consider how much you are willing and able to spend ahead of time to ensure you don’t spend beyond your means.

Some people use home equity loans or cash-out refinancing to cover construction costs. Both options allow you to convert your existing home equity into funds that you can use to finance your improvement project. Financing with your equity allows you to avoid high upfront costs and boost initial ROI.

Choosing Home Improvements with High ROI

In addition to financial considerations, consider which projects will add the most value to your home. This includes being deliberate when choosing building materials and contractors to keep within budget.

Whether you want to sell your home soon or simply update your property, these home improvement projects are likely to pay off.

Kitchen Renovation

Approximately 80 percent of homebuyers place the kitchen on their list of the top-three most important spaces. You can expect to recoup as much as 77% of your investment on a kitchen remodel.

Kitchen updates may be as simple as repainting cabinets and installing a new backsplash or purchasing new appliances.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms have a higher-than-average ROI. If you choose to remodel your bathroom, you may return between 60% and 70% of your initial investment. As with other remodeling projects, avoid overspending. Prioritize functionality and make sure to tend to any plumbing or electrical issues first.

For a greater ROI, consider high-value bathroom upgrades, such as replacing plumbing fixtures, updating your vanity, repainting walls or replacing the flooring.

Laundry Room Renovation

Homeowners are on the lookout for a dedicated, functional area to wash clothing. That said, it’s no surprise that you should expect to recoup up to 91% of your initial investment by improving this space.

There are more than just financial benefits to renovating your laundry room. For instance, proper machine placement and installation by professionals can reduce the likelihood of flooding and electrical issues. You may find it more convenient to build a laundry room on the main floor rather than in the basement since you won’t have to lug baskets up and down stairs.

Garage Door Replacement

Looking for more bang for your buck? Homeowners who update their garage door can expect to recoup as much as 97.5% of their initial investment. They can also enjoy benefits like enhanced home security and a higher resale value.

To determine whether a garage door replacement is worth the investment, consider your location and the condition of your current door. If you live somewhere windy, you’ll want to choose an insulating door that’s suitable for the climate.

No matter what you choose to renovate, make sure the updates align with the market of homebuyers and their needs. Tending to the current market enables you to sell faster and reap the most profit.

Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

This guest blog was written by Lindus Construction. Lindus Construction is proud to have served over 75,000 happy customers in Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities since the company’s founding in 1979.  One Call. One Contractor.

While the laundry room isn’t the most glamorous space in the house, it needs to be functional. So if you are short on square footage, maximize space with these laundry room storage solutions.

Wall Storage Works

For laundry rooms restricted by space, look to the walls as a source of storage. This can include wire racks for housing detergent and small hooks for light items that need to air dry. Hanging a drying rack from the ceiling provides a spot for delicate items that shouldn’t be tossed in the dryer. If there’s enough space, repurpose a bookshelf for additional storage. Installing open shelving on the wall utilizes vertical storage space. Peg boards can also be helpful for expanding storage areas.

Consider Curtains

If your washer and dryer are housed in your bathroom, use a curtain to conceal the space from guests. Curtains in vibrant patterns or bold colors can also add interest to the room. While curtains won’t mask the machines’ sounds, the appliances will be less visible than they would otherwise be.

Install Pedestal Drawers

Many washer and dryer models have accompanying pedestal drawers that are designed to fit directly underneath the appliance. Not only does this raise the appliances’ height for user comfort, but it provides an ideal spot for detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Don’t Forget the Door

One often neglected area in a laundry room is the back side of the door. Attaching a closet organizer to it allows for storage that would not otherwise be available. Or use hooks to affix your ironing board to the back of the door. Shallow shelves can also be mounted on the wall behind the laundry room door to allow for additional organizational space.

Stack Your Washer and Dryer

Compact Beko Washer and Dryer in Small Laundry Room
Beko washer and dryer

When square footage is minimal, a stackable washer and dryer can be the perfect solution because they take up vertical space. Another perk of this configuration is that there’s less bending over to retrieve laundry. Beko machines stacked with their universal stacking kit reduce laundry machine footprint to a 2-by-2 square foot area.

Counter Conquers All

Installing a countertop that rests above the washer and dryer creates the perfect spot to fold and sort laundry. Quartz countertops are ideal because they are easy to clean, resist scratching and do not need to be resealed. If quartz isn’t in your budget, butcher block countertops work well because they are resistant to heat, lauded for their durability and come in an array of eye-catching patterns.

What space-saving laundry room tips do you have? Share them in the comments!