Adjust the Temperature with Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer

We recently trendspotted cooking appliances that multitask over separate appliances for separate functions.

But what about refrigeration?

Some of you have a second refrigerator, maybe for beverages or the extra freezer space, but until the holiday season, you don’t really use most of the space. It’s probably 15 cubic feet, in total.

Then people might have wine refrigerators for storing and chilling their wine.

If you’re really lucky, you have an area for cold pantry storage.

Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer

But if you don’t really make use of all the space those different appliances take up, you can see the genius in the Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer.

Fisher & Paykel, the New Zealand brand best known for its DishDrawers, created a multi-temperature fridge drawer. It packs 3 cubic feet into a 33-inch wide drawer and adjusts the temperature setting based on what you need it to be at that moment. Amazing, right?

This is how our daydream plays out:

Pantry (53.5°F)

Chill (31°F)

It can be a cold pantry for fresh herbs and produce leading up to the holidays.

Then days before you can turn it into a refrigerator to defrost your roast without taking up a shelf in your fridge for a few days.

The day of, convert it to wine mode it to chill wine and spirits. You can also keep soda and juice in easy reach for kids.

Afterwards, use the extra space to freeze (or deep freeze) or refrigerate leftovers. All at the touch of a button.

Wine (53.5°F for long-term storage, 44.5°F for white wine serving and 59°F for red wine)

Freezer (0°F) (Deep Freezer -13 °F)

Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer refrigerator drawers

Don’t get me wrong. I love my full-size, bottom-freezer refrigerator. But occasionally, my freezer runs out of space while my fresh food compartment maintains plenty and my eyes wander to the grass on the other side…

Recently I’ve been thinking, why can’t my fridge be more adaptable?

I had a very educational conversation with the produce manager of a local grocery last weekend about fresh basil preservation. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to refrigerate it! (Also, those of us in cold temperatures should take special care when transporting fresh basil home, as our subzero air can turn the delicious leaves black.) It should be kept in a cool (50-some degrees) spot.

That’s why I love these multitemperature refrigerated drawers.

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

The Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer (RB36S25MKIW1) lets you choose freezer, chill, fridge, pantry or wine at the touch of a button so that everything from fresh food to frozen meat to fine wine can be stored at the correct temperature.
So, if you buy a lot of produce one week you have extra fridge space.

Refrigerator (37°F)

Or if a family member comes home with a record catch of fish and the freezer’s full, voila.

Freezer (0°F) (Deep Freezer -13 °F)

If you want to keep it a little colder than the stuff you keep in your fridge, you can do that too.

Chill (31°F)

And if you plunk down more than you’d like for fresh basil and don’t want to see any of it go to waste (or pesto), you’ll love the pantry function.

Pantry (53.5°F)

Having a party? Store your wine and then chill it to precise serving temperature.

Wine (53.5°F for long-term storage, 44.5°F for white wine serving and 59°F for red wine)

And at 36″ wide, the Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawers keep everything in easy, ergonomic reach while being deep enough to fit wine bottles and 2-liter bottles, as shown above.

The spill-proof storage bins can come out or be moved around to do just about anything you need it to.

I'm imagining a Thanksgiving turkey, thawing at the recommended 40 degrees, not crowding my refrigerator for four days.

If you want to see it, we display it at our St. Paul store, our Apple Valley store, our Woodbury store and our Edina store.

And, for being so curious, you will be rewarded with free assorted ice cream treats when you open the drawer.

How sweet is that?

Fisher Paykel Dishdrawers Soak the Competition

When it comes to dishwashers, most manufacturers think within the literal and proverbial box. Sure, some clean better than others, some are quieter than others, and some are more energy efficient than others. But unlike the French door refrigerator or front load washer whose introduction reinvented the industry, dishwashers have been noticeably lacking in features that make consumers ooh and ah.

Well, the dishwasher industry is about to become a whole lot more exciting with the introduction of the Fisher Paykel dishdrawers. Ten years in the making, Fisher Paykel has perfected the dishdrawer design, delivering industry leading cleaning, efficiency, and convenience of operation!

Dishdrawer Design + Features

The Fisher Paykel dishdrawers have two pullout drawers, each with separate cleaning systems. The upper drawer can now accommodate up to 13-inch high plates, and has several folding tines ensuring capable loading no matter your dish sizes. Both drawers operate independently of each other allowing you to run just the upper, the lower, or both drawers simultaneously.

Have you ever put a dirty dish in your dishwasher and let it sit because you wanted to wait until the dishwasher is full? With the dishdrawer configuration, now you can run one drawer by itself and clean your dirtiest items right away! Each drawer uses half the water and energy of a conventional dishwasher.

What about convenience of loading? Most tall tub dishwashers require you to bend much further to the floor than in years past to load your dishwasher. With the dishdrawer design, you load from the top down, minimizing bending over and back strain while maximizing convenience!

Worried about compromising performance? Fear not. Fisher & Paykel utilizes the same high temperature and pressure cleaning system found in most top performing European style dishwashers. Silent operation, even when both drawers are running, allow you to have normal conversations in the kitchen without the distracting din of a noisy dishwasher motor.

Don’t worry, the Fisher Paykel dishdrawers require one water and electric hookup, and adapt easily to most existing dishwasher facilities. Whether you need, stainless steel, white, black, or custom panel ready, Fisher Paykel offers a simple exterior front that integrates into any kitchen design. Starting for as little as $749, you too can know the superior convenience of drawer dishwashers from Fisher & Paykel and Warners’ Stellian.