HOW TO: Clean stainless steel appliances

If you’ve ever owned them, you know: Stainless steel appliances can carry more fingerprints than an episode of “CSI” — especially if you have kids.

Or customers. Back in my receptionist days, I used to be responsible for cleaning the rows of lovely stainless steel products we displayed in our St. Paul store on Snelling Avenue. So I’m somewhat of a stainless steel cleaning expert. Our volume of fridge smudges dwarfed what you would have in your kitchen, of course, because you don’t have customers touching your stuff all day.

Don’t get me wrong. Stainless steel does have a stunning effect on a kitchen…

Dacor Stainless Steel Kitchen --
Dacor Stainless Steel Kitchen --

…but you just have to have the right stuff to clean them and a good process in mind.

Citrushine Stainless Steel PolishI used Citrushine, which we sell because it’s really the best polish we’ve found. It’s nontoxic, smells like oranges instead of chemicals and doesn’t leave your fingers feeling too greasy. Plus, I kept rows of fridges, dishwashers, ranges, microwaves and kitchen displays clean without losing my mind or the integrity of the factory finish. (If that’s not a ringing endorsement, you don’t own stainless steel.)

My process? Spray some Citrushine on a dust rag (you can also use a paper towel, but I don’t like getting cleaner on my hands) and wipe down the appliances going with the grain of the stainless steel. Citrushine doesn’t streak like other cleaners and certainly not like soap and water, but I found that going with the grain makes clean up way faster.

Some brands now carry stainless steel appliances that wipe clean with only a warm rag, like Miele‘s Clean Touch Steel™. All Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers and some refrigerator models come in EZ-Kleen, which is an anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish.

I’m interested to hear in the comments if anyone else has tried this or other cleaners/methods with success.

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