Viking Ranges Cure Your Culinary Woes

Hailing from Minnesota, most Warners’ Stellian customers associate Viking with purple and gold professional football. However, for those who prefer pulled pork to pigskin, Viking ranges have delivered powerful performance and an unparalleled palette of custom colors for many years.

Founded in Mississippi and rich in the tradition of southern cooking, Viking engineers know what it takes to deliver fine cuisine. The brand new Viking VDSC530-4BSS dual fuel range perhaps best demonstrates Viking’s command of performance and style.

Have you been frustrated in the past by gas burners that were more tortoise than hare in bringing water to boil? Four 15,000 BTU burners ensure that the only thing faster than your cooking is the speed with which your family devours it! Not only capable of delivering intensive power, Viking’s exclusive VariSimmer design reaches temperatures capable of melting chocolate chips on a paper plate without burning or scorching for hours on end!

But the top’s only half of the story! Have you ever used an oven so inaccurate you’re reluctant to entrust frozen tater tots to its care, much less family dinner? Viking’s Vari-Speed Dual Flow convection system employs an industry largest 8 ½” fan for maximum airflow and excellent cooking results. The glass enclosed infrared broiler delivers the quickest heating and most potent searing of any dual fuel range on the market.

What about the time you worked with your kitchen designer and lamented the fact that while stainless steel looked nice, it just wasn’t your thing? Viking’s custom color options allow you endless options to add flair and pizzazz to your kitchen design. Burgundy, lemonade, taupe, pumpkin, racing red, iridescent blue, and golden mist are just a sampling of the beautiful colors a Viking range can add to your kitchen.

Looking to do more than remedy the culinary ills of a range whose best days are long gone? Viking offers a complete matching line of refrigerators, dishwashers, ventilation, to maximize form and function in any kitchen remodel or renovation. With up to $1,500 in savings through July 31st, the time is now to experience cooking luxury with Viking appliances and Warners’ Stellian!

Wolf Ranges Make Gourmet Cooking Simple

Have you ever watched a cooking show and thought “Wow, if I only I had access to the stuff these guys had, I could whip up some amazing food.”  Not only do the pros have the vision to create unique dishes beyond our imagination, but in competitions, can do so under the clock and still impress haughty judges.  We may not be able to do anything about stocking your pantry, but with Wolf ranges, you can enjoy the professional cooking performance renowned by cooks the world over.

Built a scant 400 miles from Warners’ Stellian in Madison, WI, Wolf has an unrivaled reputation in the industry for performance and reliability.  With more than 70 years in the commercial cooking industry, Wolf knows what professional chefs want, and have designed cooking appliances designed to bring out cooking ability you never knew you had!

Wolf gas ranges feature burners that reach 16,000 BTUs of heat for quick searing and rapid boiling.  Just as important however, each burner can reach a low 500 BTU output, applying tender heat to even the most delicate hollandaise.  The infrared broiler reaches temperatures higher than most outdoor grills for succulent meat preparation, while stylish stainless steel construction and red knobs bring a touch of commercial performance to your kitchen design. 

In addition, Wolf dual fuel ranges set the standard for epicurean luxury and design!  The fully sealed surface prevents cooking byproducts from staining the stoves internal mechanics, providing easy cleanup.  Dual convection fans push and pull against each other, delivering unmatched performance.  Hydraulic oven door hinges ensure soft opening and closing while pre-installed door glides makes turkey basting a breeze.

No matter your kitchen size, Wolf offers a range to fit!  The Wolf DF304 and R304 capably replace nearly any existing 30” gas range, while 36” and 48” models introduce options for integrated infrared grills, griddles, French tops, and auxiliary ovens.  With Wolf Appliances and Warners’ Stellian, preparing gourmet meals has never been simpler!

Green Kitchens from Warners Stellian and Minnesota GreenStar

For an industry whose products are primarily sold in white, black, and stainless steel, the color everybody’s talking about is green. Green means different things to different people. For many, green is the color of the money we’re looking to save in turbulent times. For others, green represents the luck we need to hope our old refrigerator makes it one more week until we can get out and shop for a new one.

But perhaps most importantly, the color green represents a social movement towards the conservation of our natural resources and preservation of our environment. Living green involves a commitment, both big and small, towards responsible living which lessens our impact on our ecosystem by reducing pollution, recycling reusable materials, and minimizing waste of non-renewable resources.

Warners’ Stellian is proud to be an official supporter of Minnesota Greenstar. Minnesota Greenstar is a Green building and standard and certification program for both new and existing homes. Seeking to promote the five core values of Green building – energy efficiency, resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, water conservation, and community – Minnesota Greenstar ensures both environmental quality and integrity of Minnesota building projects.

MN Greenstar can help consumers, homebuilders, and remodelers identify and implement measures that reduce material usage and increase the efficiency of their construction project. Minnesota Public Radio chronicled one homeowner’s partnership with MN Greenstar during remodeling, while the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a feature highlighting their certification standard for builders and remodelers.

How has Warners’ Stellian taken steps to become a Green retailer? Through a partnership with Waste Management, Warners’ Stellian has pledged to recycle 75% of generated waste, including 10 tons of Styrofoam and 20 tons of cardboard per month! In addition, Warners’ Stellian is the Midwest’s exclusive distributor of Liebherr refrigerators, Europe’s most well known premium refrigerator and one of the world’s most environmentally conscious manufacturers.

As you visit home shows, devour kitchen design articles, and plan the colors and architecture of your dream kitchen to be, consider the benefits of seeing the world through Green tinted glasses. Warners’ Stellian and MN Greenstar can help ensure that not only will your new home and kitchen be an expression of your personal lifestyle, but will make sure that our earth’s precious resources are available for our children, their children, and generations to come.

LG Appliances Bring May Savings

Seven years ago, your average American didn’t know LG from algae. One of Europe and Asia’s largest appliance manufacturers, LG Appliances quietly entered the American market place almost seven years ago with a basic top freezer and front load washer. Fast forward to today, and LG Appliances have become one of the best selling and most innovative line of household kitchen appliances in America.

The hallmark of LG Appliances is their impressive line of French door refrigerators. Featuring split doors opening from the center with pullout drawers for accessing the bottom freezer, LG offers more sizes, colors, and configurations than any manufacturer in the industry. LG French door refrigerators can be ordered in cabinet depth, with ice and water dispensers, multiple pullout freezer drawers, even small sizes!

Ever been frustrated at an electric range that didn’t simmer well but it was impossible to run gas into the kitchen? LG electric ranges feature digital burner control. In addition to providing a backguard that’s easy to clean without the crevices of traditional knobs, digital controls allow you to set extremely low temperatures for simmering delicate sauces. Large 5.3 cubic feet ovens feature hidden baking elements for easy clean up and convection fans that ensure consistent baking results.

Planning to spend thousands on a dishwasher for quiet operation? LG dishwashers bring silent operation to the kitchen at affordable prices! The largest capacity racks in the industry capably accommodate even the largest families after dinner cleanup. Attractive, fully integrated design keep the controls hidden out of view and bring a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen design.

Warners’ Stellian was the first Midwest retailer to handle LG Appliances, and are proud to announce exclusive savings during the month of May on select LG products. Whether feature, performance, price, innovation, or energy efficiency is most important you, no matter what appliance you may be in the market for, look to Warners’ Stellian and LG Appliances for a quality choice!

Unbeatable Value on Frigidaire Laundry

If you’ve had the courage to open and analyze your 401K statement recently, you know the pain that the recent market downturn has caused. While the sun appears poised to rise again, more people are focused on value than ever before. Whether it’s clipping grocery store coupons, driving at 55 mph to conserve gas, or gardening their own vegetables, Americans are rediscovering their love for stretching the value of their dollar.

When it comes to value in a washing machine, few manufacturers offer as much as Frigidaire. Having manufactured washers for over fifty years, Frigidaire laundry offers a number of exclusive benefits and innovations.

  • Frigidaire’s Sure-Spin Suspension System uses a balancing ring, polypropylene snubber ring, and six stabilizing springs for best in class handling without walking or banging.
  • For thorough yet gentle cleaning, the Precision Roll Plus Agitator uses spiral fins to rotate clothes downward and away from the agitator towards the tub wall.
  • The polypropylene tub is biodegradable, yet durable enough to last the life of the washer without snagging clothes or staining with rust.
  • Metal helical gears in the transmission deliver dependable, durable, and quieter performance when compared to the industry standard plastic spur gear.

At $449, the GLWS1439FS Frigidaire washer offers all of these great benefits in addition to variable water levels, rinses, and temperature selections. Need something a little more configurable? At $499, the GLWS1749FS Frigidaire Washer adds four customizable speed combinations and automatic temperature control for the greatest configurability in clothes care.

With exclusive store rebates from now through the end of April, nothing comes close to the unbeatable value of Frigidaire laundry. Not only that, if you pair it up with the matching gas or electric dryer, Warners’ Stellian will rebate back an additional $50! If you’re looking to stretch the value of your dollar, look no further than Warners’ Stellian’s lineup of quality washers and dryers from Frigidaire.