Appliance trend: multitasking appliances

Buy based on how you cook most days.

When buying appliances, people often focus on two days of the year: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What matters at that moment to you is finding a range whose oven accommodates a massive turkey.

Or, thinking about overflow casseroles and Christmas cookies, you opt for double ovens.

But what about the other 363 days of the year? If you’re not a serious baker, that second oven sits cold. And warming up that range with the huge oven capacity for a couple of baked potatoes wastes time and energy.

Instead, a trend we’re seeing is assembling a team of  appliances that can work alone during normal operations but also can multitask for occasional holidays and parties.

So instead of a giant range, combine a double oven range and convection microwave.

The smaller upper oven of the range can be used for one-dish meals. Come Christmas, you can bake a dessert up top while a roasts monopolizes the lower oven. The convection microwave can bake a casserole. My mom did this successfully for years with her Jenn-Air convection microwave (after she finally got rid of the old range she kept in the laundry room, only to be used during the holidays).
A convection microwave also works overtime when paired with a single oven, perfect for those who won’t make enough use of a double oven.

Better yet, make that second oven a speed oven for the ultimate versatility.

This GE Advantium (model PSB1001NSS; Miele makes an upgrade if you’ve got the dough) cooks up to 4 times faster than your grandmother’s oven – covering all 4 bases: warming/proofing, true convection, sensor microwave (that can rotate a 9×13 casserole on its turntable!) and of course, speed cooking.

Until I can upgrade to a convection microwave, I use my Crockpot for anything that doesn’t need “crisping,” but I’d love to hear how others really make use of their multitasking appliances.

3 thoughts on “Appliance trend: multitasking appliances

  1. Hello,
    Give your kitchen that refined and modern appeal without a kitchen makeover. Simply incorporate a couple of multi tasking appliances, and ditch the ones that you are already tired of taking out of the closet each time you want to use them.

  2. Well timed comments for holiday baking and meals, Julie.

    Maytag first introduced the Gemini twin oven free standing range a number of years ago. Since then dual oven ranges have become very popular and from a variety of manufacturers. One thing I’ve learned is the smaller oven gets used a lot more than people realize when they look at them in the store. Pizza, casseroles (do we call the hotdish or bakedish?), bread, quick meals, and a lot more all fit conveniently in the smaller oven. The bigger oven still has room for the high domed roaster with out fear of getting burned fingers.

    GE’s Advantium is an awesome product. Available either as a built-in wall unit or as a microwave/vent hood. Baking, browning, microwaving, defrosting all at correct temps while reducing time and space. Units available with either 240V or 120V. The more powerful 240V units also offer grilling capabliity.

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