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Did you see that freezer running through St. Paul?

January 25, 2010

Yea…that was me.

I ran the Securian Frozen Half Marathon (part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival) in a homemade freezer costume on Saturday. The route was 13.1 miles. I finished at a leisurely 2:10:55, which is an even 10-minute mile pace.

Yes, the costume slowed me down a bit. It was pretty windy and that wide box dragged like a kite! But it was a blast, and as one runner I ran with for a while on Saturday noted, everyone kind of embraced me.

If you can't tell from the goofy smile on my face, I'm having lots of fun -- though uncomfortable fun.

I got lots of encouraging, “Go Warners!” cheers or “Yeah, dishwasher!” and of course, “You’re crazy!” Plus, I think a lot of people used me as motivation; I heard several times that morning, “Don’t get beat by a washer” by groups making a push up the line.

And the weather held up; It didn’t rain as much as expected, and it was a balmy 35 degrees.

I definitely got really hot running in that darn felt box for 2 hours.

We made the freezer costume out of cardboard and felt,with a sign for the “inside” of the freezer that said “I’m freezin.” I didn’t figure out how to put arm holes in it, so I just ran with my arms inside.

A big thanks to my good friend Kelly Farley (in the video, you can hear me cite her "shameless plug" idea on the back of the costume) for her help in constructing the costume and making the video.

I think I’ll be back next year, and I’m open to suggestions on what to wear then. Thanks to everyone at the Winter Carnival for such a fun, St. Paul-esque event!


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