Would you buy appliances on line with free shipping?

Free Appliance DeliveryBelieve it or not, more people are buying appliances online. So much so that Warners’ Stellian dedicates sales associates exclusively to inquiries from online shoppers.

We get calls for appliances from New York to San Diego. Of course, we don’t send our crews out to deliver appliances in San Diego, but we do offer free shipping on appliance orders $1,999 and up.

So you can get free shipping (curbside delivery) on most appliance packages. If it’s in stock, you’ll get in within four to eight business days. And we’ll contact you by phone prior to delivery. Qualifying individual products display this  icon (below) on their product page, just in case.

Though this free shipping deal came about recently, we’ve offered free nationwide shipping on vacuums and accessory orders over $50 for a long time.

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