Why it pays to shop independent

specsPardon the cliche, but when it comes to kitchen appliances, the devil’s in the details.

Measurements matter — a lot. Just ask kitchen, bath and residential designer/blogger Paul Anater.

Having exact specifications on appliances is so crucial, he wrote, because an error could cost several thousand dollars. So that’s an error he only makes once, of course.

We take great pride in our our ability to offer a higher level of service than our competitors can often achieve, because we are an independent retailer and we specialize in appliances. It’s all we do.

But Paul said it better than I can:

Appliances are a very specialized product and they need to be sold by highly trained salespeople. No one would ever think to buy a car at Wal-Mart (I hope), but for some ungodly reason, a lot of people have no problem going to a big box for an appliance. Such purchases have an unacceptably high rate of bad endings if you ask me, and so long as I have breath to speak, I will never send someone into a big box for an appliance.

We usually deliver the specs to the “intermediaries,” as Paul dubs those that work between the retailer and the client-homeowner, rather than forcing them to go hunting on their own. And it doesn’ t cost a cent extra.

Shopping independent doesn’t just deliver a higher level of service to the customer, it puts more of your dollar back into the community. Warners’ Stellian is a loud and proud member of MetroIBA, which is an advocacy group for local, independently owned businesses in the Twin Cities area.

According to the website, an average of 68 cents from $1 spent at a local independent, goes back into the local economy versus only about 43 cents of $1 spent at a national chain. And if Twin Cities consumers shifted just 10% of their spending from chains to local businesses for one day, our local economy would gain $2 million. That’s a real stimulus for you.

10 thoughts on “Why it pays to shop independent

  1. We have a six year old Frigidaire Professsional double over/under oven. The top oven gets hot — slowly — but it is not consistent. Perhaps I’ve prepared one too many tenderloins or lamb racks. Should I have one of your techs come out to check. Or can I pick up a new heating coil and install myself? Fortunately, I do have the lower as a back up.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    You could go out and get the heating element part, but by installing it yourself you would void any kind of warranty that might be left on the unit. Also, it might not be the heating element that’s broken 🙂

    I suggest calling our customer service department at (651)222-0011 opt. 4 and they can look all that info up for you and help arrange for service.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Called your most-friendly Customer Service Department and they are in the process of taking care of me.

      1. Sorry you’re having troubles, but I’m glad to hear we’re in contact. Let me know if you need anything.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll call your service department.

  4. Just wanted to add a quick comment about shopping independent. I made the decision (albeit a terrible one in hindsight) to purchase a beverage center from your company.

    It has worked for 3 weeks of the 6 i’ve had it. This is the 3rd seperate failure on this unit. Between calls not returned at all or promptly, being hung up on by Megan in customer service, being told i was being unreasonable for asking for a new replacement, and being told that “i’m sorry that things are going poorly but everyone is tired from working 12days straight” This issue has yet to be resolved.

    I’ve tried to give WS the benefit of the doubt to no avail. I would caution anyone from making their purchase at Warner Stellians in light of my experience.

    1. Derik,

      So sorry for your troubles. I just checked the records on your purchase, and it looks like it’s all been resolved and we’re delivering your replacement on the 30th.

      We always strive to completely satisfy our customers, and I’m confident you’ll be happy with your replacement.

      If there’s anything else I can do, please contact me directly at jawarner@warnersstellian.com

  5. This is really great PR work being done here by you, Julie. The personal touch really does count loads for a successful business, and you sure have it well in hand.

    With regards to the article I simply would like to quote the old signmaker’s mantra of “Measure twice, cut once”

    1. Thanks, Richie. I don’t know if it’s PR work, necessarily. More just stating our company’s philosophy.

  6. The compliment is well deserved Julie. You company’s philosophy works for me. You guys definitely don’t rest on your laurels, that much is really apparent. Far too often success leads to an inevitable decline in “caring” with disastrous long term consequences.

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