What’s your favorite independent?

In honor of Celebrate Your Independents month, I want to know about your favorite local, independent businesses.

(See more about Celebrate Your Independents month here and here.)

My personal favorites are Mama’s Pizza on Rice Street in the North End of St. Paul and Hunt & Gather Antiques on Xerxes in South Minneapolis.

Whether it’s a mom-and-pop retailer in your neighborhood, a service provider passed down from your parents, or a quirky restaurant you’d drive across town for — what businesses do you support?

Need inspiration? Check out buylocalmn.com, a directory of independent businesses in the area and product of MetroIBA.

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9 thoughts on “What’s your favorite independent?

  1. Pizza Man! Hope it gets rebuilt soon.

    1. Me too. I was writing a list of good Milwaukee joints for a kid the other day, and I wrote “Pizza Man (burned down).” Too sad…

  2. I love my independent restaurants: so The Strip Club in St. Paul, Corner Table in Minneapolis, I love Uncle Franky’s in Plymouth/Dinkytown and Chris & Rob’s Taste Authority in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

    Brasa… Punch… love them all.

    My wife loves Stephanie’s clothing store in St. Paul.

    So there you are.

    1. A Chicago boy loves Uncle Franky’s? That’s quite the endorsement. I guess we can call it authentic then? Thanks for a good list of places to hit — especially your wife’s 🙂

  3. I’m going to go with Hinterland, Nomad, and AJ Bombers on this one.

    But, the one place I always visit in MN is the Lions Tap. That is probably my all time favorite!

    1. Great burgers at the Lions Tap. I still haven’t been to AJ Bombers since it used to be The Corner.

  4. Amy (Warners' Stellian Service Rep.) July 21, 2010 — 8:56 am

    THE INDEPENDENT in uptown has the hottest head chef in the twin cities!! (I’m just a little biased) He makes great food too! Plus Jolly Rancher infused vodka!! WHat could be better? Check them out! Calhoun square upstairs.

  5. Well…I love Kowalski’s Markets. Have for years. Did you know they are the only local grocer who does not warehouse or put into storage tanks their produce and meat? It goes straight out into the store when it arrives. So THAT’s why K-Wall’s raspberries last up to a week, whilst other stores’ don’t! (In my humble experience.) Ummm…for awesommmmmeeeeee French country food…you absotutely, simply cannot beat Lucia’s Restaurant and Wine Bar in Uptown. By the way Julie-Hunt & Gather is only about a mile east of Morningside Edina (remember you said No Idea where it was). 🙂

    1. This thread has turned into a foodie lovefest! I still have no idea where Morningside is, Mary, but give me time. I’ve had the delicious popovers at Lucia’s. Its a fellow member of the Metro Independent Business Alliance.

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