What do our veterans think?

My dad and I were watching TV when a national retailer’s commercial for a Veterans Day sale aired.

“I wonder what veterans think about businesses profiting by using their holiday?” I asked.

My dad, Jeff — who is president and director of marketing for Warners’ Stellian — got really serious all of a sudden.

“Our family,” he started with conviction, “Refuses to use a day intended to honor such an important group…to make a buck.”


Indeed, several national retailers in trying to promote around Veterans Day used patriotic imagery in kind of a disgraceful way. How does a pretty girl running with a flag to call attention to a sale honor those who protect our country and put their lives on the line for us?

There are a lot of appropriate ways to honor a veteran. Do a good deed for one. Go to Fort Snelling, and visit the national cemetery. Volunteer at the VA hospital. Organize a tribute. Educate yourself on what Veterans Day really is.

Some businesses are giving away free meals to vets and perhaps others are donating notable proceeds to veteran-supporting causes — but most I’ve seen aren’t.

We have enough retail promotion going on soon with the holidays. This is their day. And it should be honored appropriately.

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2 thoughts on “What do our veterans think?

  1. Here’s an idea – how about a Veterans Only Sale, where veterans get special discounts throughout the stores on this day? (would that even be legal???)

  2. I don’t think it’s illegal. I mentioned that some restaurants are offering deals specifically to veterans. I think it’s a good point.

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