Welcome SMBMSPers! (Social Media Breakfast-Minneapolis/St. Paul)

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Thanks for stopping by Warners’ Stellian’s creatively titled “Home Appliance Blog” today.

I understand that in today’s marketplace, you have many choices when it comes to home appliance blogs.

(But seriously, kudos to you on picking mine.)

I’m so completely humbled to be among such an amazing group of savvy small businesses on today’s Social Media Breakfast-Minneapolis/St. Paul. Thanks to Deluxe Corporation for hosting!

Warners’ Stellian Appliance has been around in some capacity for about 60 years, but this sexagenarian ain’t no Luddite.

You know you want to judge what we’re doing, so check out our full 2.0 enchilada:

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And because you were gracious enough to stop by, don’t stop now. Introduce yourself in the comments below and tell me what you thought about today’s panel and what we’re doing in general. If you really like me, head to the blog’s main page and click “Sign me up!”


jawarner [at] WarnersStellian.com (Note the two “s” conundrum in the middle. Misspelled URLs don’t bounce back, which has produced plenty of awkward conversations for me as you can imagine.)

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4 thoughts on “Welcome SMBMSPers! (Social Media Breakfast-Minneapolis/St. Paul)

  1. I loved the panel at SMBMSP on Friday. My favorite quote was that, “dryers are the gateway appliance.”

    Even though I’m not a homeowner now, you can be assured that when it comes time for me to start making those big appliance purchases I’ll remember the small business panel and how much of an impact my local purchase can make.

    Thanks for presenting, Julie. Great job!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the panel, hbobier. I’m glad I was able to make such an impact with my humor 🙂

  2. Julie,

    I listened to it on-line and I thought it was a good cross section of businesses. It’s always interesting to hear what other people are doing. You did great.

    1. Thanks Marsha. I truly did learn something from each of the other panelists. I wish I could attend events like this more often!

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