5 thoughts on “Things I Want: Refrigerators

  1. I like the refrigerators that have the extra bottom drawer which can be set to various temperature settings. It can be a freezer one week and a refrigerator the next.

    1. Which one is that, Ann? I know that Fisher & Paykel’s Cool Drawer is multifunction, but I can’t think of a bottom freezer…

  2. Chris Chaffee June 7, 2010 — 2:43 pm

    Samsung came out with a new model that has the double bottom drawer Ann is talking about. Just saw a commercial on it…it’s lovely.

    1. Oh, OK. Thanks Chris. I wonder if I’d ever really use the drawer to refrigerate. I buy frozen stuff in bulk when it goes on sale, so mine’s always stuffed to the gaskets 🙂

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