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Canning classes help you preserve the season, just like mom did

When I was growing up, we went strawberry and raspberry picking every season to make a freezer full of jelly to enjoy and give as gifts all year long. To this day, I can’t eat store-bought jelly, because my mom has ruined me on anything that doesn’t taste as fruity and fresh as her own stock.

Since moving out, I’ve missed the annual preservation tradition and wanted to learn the science for myself. Apparently, I’m not the only one.

The Star Tribune featured canning's "comeback" last week.

Homesteading is like, super trendy right now, so canning has enjoyed quite the resurgence in the past couple years. Some people have taken it up to continue local, sustainable eating into the colder months; some out of a misguided attempt to save money (it ain’t cheaper). But many just want to make something absolutely delicious.

The Star Tribune published a list of upcoming canning classes, for both newbies and those looking to brush up their skills.

Warners’ Stellian is also planning to host a canning class at our St. Paul store in September, in cooperation with the Mississippi Market Co-op and one of my favorite bloggers and Master Food Preserver, Liz McMann, of Food Snobbery Is My Hobbery.

Stay tuned for details, or email me at jawarner at for more info. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else you’d like us to do. Otherwise, I’ll just keep creating events to satisfy selfish curiosities 🙂

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Big Green Egg: The winter grill?

The Star Tribune reported that winter grilling is on the rise, and credited the uptick — in part — to our very own favorite smoker, the Big Green Egg.

But a big reason that winter grilling is on the rise is almost certainly the increasing popularity of the Big Green Egg, whose kiln-like structure keeps the heat sealed in and the chill wind out. Chuck Bulson, manager of the Warners’ Stellian store in Edina, said sales of the Eggs and their specially made charcoal have climbed steadily in recent winters.

Compared with our sales in the winter, our grilling accessory sales understandably slow down. But, Bulson observed, “People with the Eggs really want to grill in winter.”

I love hardy Minnesotan grill die-hards, refusing to migrate their cooking from the (Egg) nest just because of some subzero temperatures.

Any Eggheads want to personally vouch for this trend, and explain to the nonbelievers why Big Green Egg grilling or smoking is worth braving the elements (photos encouraged)?

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Friday links: We’re fun, beautiful and cheap (this weekend, at least)!

You only get three links this Friday. I’m saving my energy for writing up orders at tomorrow’s Extreme Warehouse Sale.

‘How dare you call my family member beautiful!’

Tom Barnard and crew at 92-KQRS Morning Show, which apparently we sponsored the other day, referenced past experiences with Mr. Warner (aka my dad) before the conversation inevitably turned to Carla — who is always a good sport. We got a kick out of it, so you might too.

Listen here: WarnerChat-KQ92

Deal Spotter: Weekend sales

After getting a preview tour of our Extreme Warehouse Sale on Wednesday, Star Tribune columnist John Ewoldt included us in his latest blog post. (Notice the $15 off Facebook coupon plug. Actually, don’t just notice it. Go after it!)

Kitchen Design Notes And Experiences

A favorite blogger of mine, kitchen designer Susan Serra, shared real-life scenarios to drive home the fact that you should NEVER stop asking questions during the design process or else…

(“Or else what?”)

Or else you’ll end up with an unreturnable built-in fridge — that’s what!